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Until 07/31/2018 we offer a special service: get a free SPC, rezz it, pay only 1L to the SPC and use it as long as the SPC is rezzed on your parcel or as long as we offer our service without any further fees!

~~~ NEW +++ NEW ~~~ NEW +++ NEW ~~~ NEW +++ NEW ~~~

A tool to fight against lag (mostly for sim-owners, but also all residents can use it)

More informations at

The using-fee is 150L$/week. The using starts with the first pay and ends with the end of the running-time, which could extended by the owner with further pays. You pay your own box as often you wish and as long you need this tool.

Most of SL-Residents knows the situation, when you try to rezz an object and it don't appear, you try to walk and just in the second you have moved a few metres forward it throws you backwards to your starting point. Objects around you don't rezz, everything moves slow or in worst case it don't move any more. This situation is called "Lag". "Lag," so says the Second Life Wiki, "is the colloquial name for slow reaction time when using Second Life. It is a symptom with a variety of causes."

The Simperformance-Collector collects the DIL, FPS, the amount of avatars and the Pingtime during 24 hours. And the graphs shows an undiscussable proof, how the sim works. The DIL and FPS are grabbed directly on the sim all five minutes. The Pingtime is asked by a server in the world wide web, connected to an Gigabit-Backbone. Even if the Pingtime might differ from server to server, the DIL and the FPS can't.

It also takes a "snapshot", if you like of the sim every day, together with some informations about the simulator-version and the domain-name, together with the date and the time of the snapshot. And of course a picture of the actual sim-design.

For estate-managers very important is an overview on the parcels and their permissions, which will be updated every day.

This tool is also a wonderful proof, if you write a ticket to LindenLabs and the Lindens say, that they can't recognize any lag on your sim.



  • Sim-Performance
  • Sim-Observing
  • graphical recording
  • Simperformance

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I like it

Posted April 08, 2021 by SaskiaWood 5 stars

I had some trouble with my landlord regarding lag on our sim. I definetly had lag, he said, there isn't any.
I got this tool, it was easy to set up and I had the proof I needed. The graphics did not lie. There was lag on the sim.
I payed for one week, it was worth the money.

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Posted November 25, 2015 by DenisesBunny McCullough 5 stars

this is cool stuff, if your simperformance is low. tust rezz it, pay it and after short time you can see the performance resulting in some neat graphs on the website.
price per week is lil bit high, but worse for!

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DeniseHoorn Slade
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