Simple Teleport: Powerful Intra-Sim Teleporter System

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This powerful, easy-to-use teleport system allows you to connect teleport pads together to allow rapid transportation between two points within in a sim.

Setting it up takes just seconds!

(1) Begin by rezzing a teleport pad at your first location. Right click the pad, choose 'Edit' (then More>>> if only the mini-build window opens). Then type a number into the "Description" field. This number will be the "channel" on which your teleporters talk to each other. Pick a random number (e.g. 10293, or -18372, or 13282 etc). In the "Contents" tab enter a number in the 'Description' field. This is the channel that your pad will communicate on. If you will be using more than one pair of teleporters in the same sim, each pair needs a different channel number. Finally, you may want to change the "Name" of the teleporter pad, so it makes more sense. When you're finished, close the build dialog window.

(2) Click the teleporter and choose 'Reset' from its menu.

(3) Now go to the second place in your sim where you want a teleport pad and rez one. Follow the same steps as above to name it and change its channel. One you've done this, click it and choose 'Reset' from its menu. It will automatically connect to the firs teleport. You can now right-click it and choose 'Teleport' to teleport.

Teleports only work between teleporter units that are 300m or less apart. If the distance is more than this, then don't right click the pad' instead, left-click the pad and choose 'Map' to get the location of the other pad.

Always remember that after renaming a pad or changing its channel, you must click it and choose "Reset" to ensure it's details are transmitted to the pad it is paired with. (Details are automatically sent if you move it or re-rez it).


You can left-click any Simple Teleport you own to get a menu that offers you some useful additional functions ...

[RESET] -> Resets the teleporter, reloads its channel and re-establishes communication with the pad it is paired with

[HELP] -> Gives you a shiny new copy of this instructions notecard.

[SLURL] -> Chats a web address you can click (in chat history) to open a map window showing the location of the other pad.

[HOVERTEXT] -> Open a sub-menu allowing you to toggle hovertext off or on and, if you wish, adjust the colour. You can also configure whether the hovertext shows the name or the coordinates of the destination pad.

That's it! We hope you enjoy the Simple Teleporter — power and simplicity for you, your friends and your customers.

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  • Easily connect any two points in the same sim
  • Ultra-fast set up — rez and be running in seconds
  • Make life easier for friends, customers, tenants to navigate your sim
  • Customize every aspect of the teleporter's appearance
  • Just one prim and comes copy/mod for added flexibility

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