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Why do I need This?
Running out of prims
If you bought a house and now find you don't have enough prims left over to decorate it, this is for you.

Features:* Seamlessly rezzes up objects that do not count against your prim limit
* Easy-to-use Menu System
* Takes only one prim on your land no matter how many different things it's rezzing
* Easy Setup Wizard will walk you through the setup of new things to rez
* Move the Rezzer and everything it's rezzing will follow
* Reposition a single object quickly and easily
* Allows you to change one room to another room with a couple clicks
* Uses very little resources; it has never hit over .004ms
* When you drag an object out of the Nada Rezzer, it will become normal
* Works anywhere scripts are enabled and you can create objects

The Nada Rezzer works like other ZERO Prim rezzers and will take up only one prim on your land... but it's better, and more powerful! With the Nada Rezzer, you will not see any flashes of objects disappearing and reappearing like all the others do. You can place several objects in one Nada Rezzer and have it rez some or all of them. It's completely menu driven, with wizards that walk you through the setup of new objects to rez.

I bought a couple other rezzers and was highly disappointed on how they worked. Some would destroy the object inside it so you could never take it out and change it. Others would take up a huge amount of resources, and would only let you use one object at a time. And none gave the control you truly need. What I really disliked was that they all created huge display problems where the object would disappear and then reappear. I overcame all these obstacles with the Nada Rezzer, not to mention that I made it super easy to use with wizards stepping you through everything.

How to Use:* Drop the "Skidz Partz - Nada Rezzer" out
* Position it where you would like it
* Place the objects you want to be in the rezzer out, and where you would like them; remember, there is a 96 meter limit in distance from the rezzer
* Open your inventory
* Touch the "Skidz Partz - Nada Rezzer"
* Choose "Rez Script" from the menu
* Drag the script it just gave you into one of the times you want to use
* Follow instructions of the wizard that starts upRepositioning Objects:
If you move an object being rezzed, it will ask you if you would like to keep the new position. If you choose Yes, it will turn invisible and ask you to use Tools/Save object back to object context (this saves changes back to the Nada Rezzer).

Choose On - Allows you to select individual objects to be turned on or off
All On - Turns everything on
All Off - Turns everything off
Hide - Makes the Nada Rezzer invisible
Show - Makes the Nada Rezzer visible
Rez Script - Gives you a script you can drop in your objects to use in the Nada Rezzer
Help - Get a copy of the ReadMe, watch movies on the Nada, Web page, contact, and so on

Note that mesh does not work with temp on rez.



  • Reduces the number of prims used on your land
  • For scripts has a built in API giving you full control
  • Easy to setup wizzard steps you through the process

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The Most Useful Device in all of SL

Posted April 24, 2017 by Ephraim Mathilde 5 stars

This has to be the most useful device in all of SL. Especially if you are in a LL home. You can put all sorts of 1 prim and even linked (multi-prim) decor (copy/mod) items. So far I have used it only on basic prime (dividers and decor fill parts) but it has reduced my prim count and allowed me to use dividers, shelves and such in my LL home without increasing the prim count. Now I can purchase more complex and non copy items without exceeding the LL imposed maximum prim count.

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Flashing Hiccups

Posted December 09, 2013 by Tinkerbell Placebo 1 star

From the description: "With the Nada Rezzer, you will not see any flashes of objects disappearing and reappearing like all the others do." Then from the note card that you wont see until after you buy it: "Q. I still see an object disappear for a split second every now and then. What gives?
A. Yea, that can't be helped. SL hiccups sometimes." Yeah those SL 'hiccups' are what most people call flashes, the disappearing and reappearing of items, this is the same thing that happens with this product, like all the others. The one comment in the add contradicts the other one in the note card.

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