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Scanner 1650

Features:* Scan up to 16500 channels in only one minute
* Estimate in days, hours, minutes, and seconds how long a selected scan will take
* Scan entire range neg/pos (no FCC blocked channels on this one)
* Adjust amount of time scanner listens on each channel
* Listen to a single channel even while scanning several
* Lights that indicate scanning, listening, and lag
* Auto lag detection to reduce lag
* Wear as a hud, or drop it out
* Very low lag for listening up to 16500 channels at one time
* Cloak the scanner to keep it out of sightWhat is a channel scanner in Second Life? For the most part, communications between scripts in different objects have to use channels. Using a channel is a lot like chat, but only something listening on that channel can hear it. The scanner scans channels you designate in a very rapid succession and relays the information to you.
Why would you want to do this? There are several reasons for wanting to do this. My favorite is just to see what’s chatting away.

Reasons to use a Scanner:* Find object chatting away causing lag on the sim
* Integrate a custom application
* Just to see what is chatting away, out of curiosity.
* Use to debug your code
* Learn more about channels, or listeners
* Experiment
* Save you money on your car insurance (no, not really)How to Scan Several Channels:* Click the menu button.
* Select Scan from the menu.
* You will be prompted via chat and dialog to say the channel to start on (see channel information below for more info about channels).
* You will then be prompted via chat and dialog to say the channel to listen up to.
* The menu will ask you how many seconds you want to listen on each channel. The more time you listen, the longer the scan will take.
* The menu will then ask you if you would like to repeat the scan after it has complete one scan.
* Your scan will start. Watch the bottom of the screen for an estimate of how long each scan loop will take.
* Click the stop button to end the scan.
* I will also recommend that you use Sim Lag feature from the menu. It slows down the scanner if it detects lag on the sim.Does the scanner cause lag?
I can’t tell you that listening to 16500 channels at a time does not cause some lag. But I have considerably reduced the amount of lag it causes. If you own a sim, you will be familiar with the script run time numbers, and this scanner only clocks in at a consistent .800, which is less than a dance floor (1.200) and more than a chair with sit animations (.100). If you are using the Sim Lag feature when lag is detected it will drop down to .600 to help relieve some of the lag.

What is a listener?
A listener is a script that is listening on a specific channel.

What can a listener hear?
That’s actually a complicated question. Scripts can say stuff in many ways. They can whisper, say, shout, or region say. If an object is whispering, you can hear it if the scanners is within 10 meters. You can hear it saying things from 20 meters. If it is shouting, you can hear it from 96 meters. And the ever popular region say can be heard on the entire sim.

How many prims is the scanner?
The scanner is actually has 256 prims. This is a lot of prims, but it was the only way to reduce lag considerably.

Can this be used to spy on people?
No, objects use channels, not avatars. Besides, the scanner does not record any messages sent, only an affirmative or negatory on the occurance of chat.



  • Scans 16500 channels ever minute
  • Find things chatting on your land
  • Estimates day hour min to scan a range
  • No FCC blocked channels
  • Even scan just a single channel

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