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Replacing the Common Prim
The TNT Primz is the next generation of building tools in Second Life. Boasting a virtually lag-free experience, with an easy to use interface, and time-saving curve, the TNT Primz aims to be your favorite building tool on the market. If you're familiar with the Skidz Primz, the TNT Primz will prove to be a twist on familiar functions with brand new modes and features.
Make building a breeze with the TNT Primz. The system exploits the newly implemented touch interface, doing away with the prim-heavy interface used for the same effects. This significantly reduces lag and improves your efficiency.

3 New Videos

* Interface Basics
* Texture Mode
* Gap Mode

Align your Prims/Texture/Sides/Rotations

Several tools built right into the prims you build with

"What's in it for me?"
Save Valuable Time
Time is that one commodity we can't get more of. That means you need to make the most of what you have. The TNT Primz will make building less time consuming.

Sim Resource Friendly
The TNT Primz are very Sim Resource Friendly. This means they take up very little of your sims resources. Each TNT Prim only has 1 script in it, and only 1 listener per linked set

Uncomplicated Building
Forget the math, forget the seams, forget the hair loss. The TNT Primz will do the math for you whether you're aligning, filling gaps, aligning your textures, or locating a hollow.

Produce Superior Products
You'll be able to present high quality items to all of Second Life. Imagine no gaps, no seams, no overlaps, perfectly aligns textures, and imagine your higher revenues!

"What about stuff I've already made?"
You might consider getting the Skidz Primz instead. Skidz Primz can work with your existing builds a little easier, not requiring you to drop a script into a prim to align a skidz prim to it. If you're looking to improve upon an existing creation with TNT Primz, simply use the MakeATNTPrim script to turn its pieces into TNT Primz. Work with your newly created TNT Primz to make your creation a masterpiece!
Features* eight useful modes: Snap, Gap, RotClassic, RotScale, Move, Link, RotSide, and Texture
* TextureReplace to quickly preview textures on many prims at once
* align textures dynamically from any side to any side
* super low use of your sims resources at just 1 script per TNT Prim
* "More" buttons right on the prim give you quick access to common functions
* solves those usual, stubborn building issues
* save time, increase your efficiency
* saves you A LOT of time
* prevents builder's frustration
* free updates for life
* no messy command lines to memorize
* extremely easy to use
* we keep on top of known issues
* top-notch customer service, and
* much, much more!

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Still Not Convinced?
See the TNT Primz in action! Watch our videos!

For technical support, contact skidz Tweak or Alayna Hutson

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  • Aligns Prims Perfectly quickly and easily!
  • Align the textures of any 2 side perfectly!
  • Fill gaps quickly and easy!
  • Only 1 script per prims
  • Lots of Videos tutorials, documentation, & classes

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I wasted years....

Posted October 12, 2020 by Erik Kayo 5 stars

I've built hundreds of homes the past 13 years.. countless objects too... all with the old Skidz Primz. I had no interest in buying this version because I didn't see a point, I loved the original. Then the original started to die. I never really learned to build without it so I was honestly brokenhearted. It would work some of the time but then not and the brilliant creator doesn't seem to be in SL any longer. I had just started a new, very large project and part way thru the Skidz Primz stopped working for I thought I'd finally try this version...I hate myself for not buying this sooner. It's a bit overwhelming at first.. maybe just a few minutes.. then you see how easy it is. I'm so in love with this product!! Skidz Tweak if you read this... .PLEASE come back to SL and make more genius products, I'm not even joking when I say YOU have had a huge impact on my life by creating these. Thank you ♥

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I wish I'd had this years ago!

Posted April 24, 2017 by Crim Mip 5 stars

I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when I first stumbled across this. There was no way I'd wasted countless hours doing math to get prims to line up and this could do it automatically, but it can and does.

As it happened, I had a build project going that I dreaded working on because it was going to be a nightmare of alligning lots of parts. I don't have time to learn Blender to do mesh and sculpties are mostly useless now because of the horrible render times for them. I tend to build in prims and convert sub-assemblies to mesh to keep LI reasonable. Anyway, even while having to take a little time to learn how this worked, it cut what would have been two days down to hours with better results than I'd have been able to get by far. I didn't have to use a calculator even once.

The finished build was 69 prims. But here's the thing, because the faces were exact with no gaps or overlaps, converting to mesh took it down to 21 Li. I could have made it less by doing less detail work and if I hadn't had TNT Primz, I likely would have been so sick of working on it that I wouldn't have bothered.

Make no mistake, this doesn't build for you. You still have to have to do the design work and make the shapes, but assembly and adjustment is now easy rather than painful. I'd give this 10 stars if I could.

I also bought Skidz Primz. For me it's worth having both. For items using prims that are just sized without bending, scewing, etc, I find it faster to use Skidz Primz. As far as working with a build you've already done, As near as I can tell if you link a set of prims to a TNT prim, they all work as TNT prims as long as they are linked.

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