™ – Vendor (10% COMMISSION) Version 1.9

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========= UPDATE TO VERSION 1.9 IS REQUIRED =========

You earn 10% commission per sale in L$ as™ store credit!
No refunds.

NOTICE: The update bee is only for major and minor updates.

WARNING: If the L$ vendor of version 1.8+ gives errors, reset the vendor manually to repair it.

* Change vendor's description to bot merchant's legacy name (for example; SmartGacha Resident) OR to the product's ID which you can find on the following web page:
** Since version 1.8 you can create product groups on the dashboard, a group is defined by the letter 'G' as prefix and it's ID as shown on the dashboard
* Touch vendor, a (blue) pop-up should appear, click RESET/REFRESH to apply your changes
* Touch vendor, a (blue) pop-up should appear, click DISPLAY TEXT to show/hide the vendor's hover text

The commission is automatically been paid on the sale.

Custom Navigation
*** WARNING: The vendor MUST be the ROOT of your linked objects! ***
To manipulate the vendor's navigation you must use linked messages on number 420 with an option as a string and the desired user as id(key) as following;

nav_touch → Simulate touch to show purchase menu for the user
nav_search → Simulate search menu pop-up for user
nav_next → Simulate navigating to next product if multi-vendor for user
nav_previous → Simulate navigating to the previous product if multi-vendor for user
nav_display → Enable/Disable display of navigating the menu on the vendor's product texture

You will receive information about the currently displayed product and can request as following;

product_name → The name of the currently displayed product
product_price → The price in L$ of the currently displayed product
product_price_raw → The raw price in L$ of the currently displayed product
product_texture → The texture UUID of the currently displayed product
product_picture → The texture UUID of the currently displayed product
product_image → The texture UUID of the currently displayed product

Example: llMessageLinked(LINK_ROOT,420,"nav_touch",llGetOwner());

All options return a value on number 369 in the same way our API is working
which you can find here for more information:

* v1.9
– Major and minor bug fixes
– New commands for the merchants, say /help
– Merchant and in-world purchases using Smartpoints™
– Introducing Smartpoints™ fun and free to earn currency
• Earn Smartpoints™ through many™ games
• You do not receive any commission from sales paid using Smartpoints™
• Every global purchase using store credit or L$ earns you Smartpoints™, 1 point per L$10.

* v1.8
– Minor bug fixes
– New linked messages
– Updated for support of product groups (see above)
– Script included for refilling balance (get 10% commission)

* v1.7
– Minor bug fixes
– Linked messages feature (see above)

* v1.6
– Due to LSL limitations, we had to release two(2) separated vendors for both currencies;™ Store Credit OR Linden Dollars (L$)
– 10% commission is ONLY paid in™ Store Credit also when selling L$ orders
– Update Bee is cross-platform for both currency vendors with a menu to choose which to update

* v1.5 [unreleased/skipped]
– New feature to choose a single currency (Credit or L$)
– Saves vendor preferences to recover after update
– Price on Marketplace set to FREE because we decided it should be free

* v1.4
– Minor bug fixes

* v1.3
– 10% commission per sale for non-partners/merchants
– Price on Marketplace set to L$500 on account of vendor's commission for sales

* v1.2
– Minor bugs fixed
– Auto-refresh time set to 5 minutes
– Update bee for older version vendors

* v1.1
– Implemented support for v1.2+ update bee
– Touch on menu activates to search for a product
– Price on Marketplace set to L$1 for future update bee

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L$0™ – Second Life Retailer of second-hand products™ – Second Life Retailer of second-hand products
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Sold by: Smartshop
Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

  • Works with™ Avatars
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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
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  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 1
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh