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Snuffles is an amazingly fun and affordable genetic breeding game. Breed your own unique Snuffle and discover rare genetics. Trade Snuffle Burrows with other breeders and dominate the trading market as your Breeding XP grows.

To see Snuffles at work visit the HQ at:

This farm allows players to farm Sunflower Seeds which can then either be used themselves or sold on the seeds exchange.

Sunflowers need to be watered (touched) 10 times a day for them to grow. You can set small rewards in lindens or gold tokens for players to do this for you.

Sunflower farms therefore also INCREASE TRAFFIC to your land!

Please join the "ADS Support Group" and use the group chat facility to ask your questions. We have a support team ready to help you with any problems:


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  • Farm Sunflower Seeds food for Snuffles
  • Increase Traffic
  • Earn Linden Dollars

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2nd Attempt

Posted December 19, 2018 by Heather Villiers 3 stars

I gave a 1 star review a few years ago due to not being able to get materials even though I had paid for them. This time around, Willi Clip provided me with a new Sunflower Farm to test out and a parcel of land to test it with (since I no longer have land). He did go above and beyond to have me try it again, and he was very pleasant. The extra 2 stars are because of his Customer Service and Politeness. The Sunflower Farm is still almost 4k lindens and each time you get materials (you can spend up to 200L to get materials) it provides 800 seeds. It takes a week to get the seeds once you have the materials. I can buy 1000 seeds for 50L. I would suggest that the Sunflower Farm gives 5k seeds to balance it out and make the cost more understandable. He has worked hard to make the rest of the system seem easier and more rewarding, but the Sunflower Farm is still lacking that same feeling.

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Not a good Investment

Posted February 12, 2014 by Jisper Darkfold 1 star

there's a huge imbalance in the market for the seeds - there are way more farmers then snuffle growers, to the point that seed is going for .029 each (as of 2/12/14). this means the 600 seeds per flower you get won't even feed a single snuffle a day. If you are getting this to cut your cost on food for your snuffles, don't bother.

If you want to farm and sell seeds at a loss (the prim on this varies so you need at least 14-16 prims in reserve) then by all means help yourself.

I got one of these as a gift because I am breeding snuffles. I was excited at first, but disenchanted now after about 3 weeks of having the flower. I still have to shell out 500+ L a week for seeds even if I do get 600 a day from this thing (and you have to buy water and bio for it, and use up energy crystals - all of which costs L to get). I don't have an army of snuffles either - only 10 or so (5 breeding pairs). The lower the market values go on the seed the more the snuffles eat - and if I buy at .029 a seed now - then the price goes .025 I've lost money. Since seed is consumed by the 1000's a day, this 600 value from the flower is like a drop in the ocean.

I hope this gets fixed before snuffles move out of beta, but given the issues with human nature abusing things even if they take a loss doing so, I kind of doubt that will happen.

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