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Updated July 2, 2022:
Mics are now mesh. Other various fixes.

SpeakTech is a feature filled system designed to facilitate the broadcasting of chat messages, whether they are from an avatar or an object. SpeakTech can broadcast chat text from a microphone object to any number of speaker objects within the same region (intra-region), and/or within many adjacent regions (inter-region). The microphone is able to communicate with all speakers, regardless of location, and display the number of listeners that are hearing chat from the speakers.

SpeakTech features rez-and-go technology that allows minimal configuration for basic setups – even for inter-region broadcasting. However, additional configuration options are available should you need to install multiple SpeakTech systems in the same region or regions.

SpeakTech has some great customization options that can't be found in other systems, such as tagging avatars and objects. Tagging allows you to preface each broadcast chat message with a custom tag. For example: "Stylez Gomez: This is a test" would become " Stylez Gomez: This is a test" or " Stylez Gomez: This is a test". Speakers temporarily rename themselves to the speaking avatar/object to seamlessly broadcast their message. All chat can also be converted to capital letters and chat ranges (whisper, say, shout) can be configured in the speakers.

The microphone can be set to only listen to certain objects or avatars based on a number of filters. Such filters include owner-only, everyone/everything, group-only, and custom. Custom allows you to explicitly set a list of the avatars and objects that can speak – everyone else will be ignored. You can configure the microphone with a set range to "hear" chat from objects or avatars as well as to ignore all object chat completely.

All SpeakTech objects that have configurable chat or listen ranges have a built-in particle effect that can be toggled to show their area of influence.

Most microphone settings can be configured via notecard and dialog menus. The dialog menus can be brought up by users specified as admins. Other SpeakTech objects are configured via notecard.

Complete update integration allows you to rez an update disk in each region that contains parts of a functioning SpeakTech system and update them all at the same time by clicking the Update button in the microphone menu. This allows you to update your scripts to the latest version without having to redeploy your entire SpeakTech system. Updates may be obtained by rezzing your original SpeakTech shipping box.

* Multiple microphone styles
* Stand microphone
* Handheld microphone
* Podium
* Broadcast text within one region or many adjacent regions
* View grid-wide listeners
* Each 1-prim speaker can detect up to 16 listeners
* Each 2-prim speaker can detect up to 32 listeners
* Configurable speaker chat range
* Configurable mic listen range
* Built-in range particle displays
* Feedback protection
* Easy setup
* Easy updates
* Name tagging
* Configurable admins
* Ability to force caps on chat messages
* Ability to disallow objects from being broadcasted
* Ability to disable mic hover text

There is a complete demo at Union Micro in Lionheart. Everyone has admin access to the microphone so you can see the menus and play with it.

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  • Multiple mesh microphone styles
  • Broadcast text within one region or many adjacent regions
  • View grid-wide listeners
  • Configurable speaker chat range
  • Configurable mic listen range

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full star full star full star full star full star Posted April 26, 2009 by Alvi Halderman

In SL i look for three things:

On this product i find all of them, its really easy to use and install, its very usefull for events so you can replace shouters!

5/5 Stars!

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