Square Area Snow Emitter *0.025ms* Version 1.110711.2035

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This two prim (root and one low-lag emitter) snow emitter uses particles to simulate snow falling with five different snow textures and each snow flake having a random amount of gray for variety. Permissions include modify (for modifying the description parameters), copy, and no-transfer. All scripts are no-modify.

Configuration of the snow emitter is very easy...

1. Rez the snow emitter and raise it up in the air or even inside the ceiling.
2. Modify the description of the root prim to xsize, ysize, age
- Note: Max particle render distance is 40m, thus rez area is 80m x 80m.
- Note: Max particle age is 30.
3. Click the snow emitter to toggle it on or off
4. (OPTIONAL) Retexture the root prim or make it transparent.
5. (OPTIONAL) Rez another copy to increase the density of snow flake.

A Note About "ms": One of the many factors that contributes towards lag in Second Life is how many milliseconds of time is used by a script on a regular basis. With all other things being equal (i.e. memory usage) a collection of high-resource scripts will eventually slow a server/sim down. A script that uses additional resources temporarily while switching modes or processing data is less of a concern than those constantly using a lot of resources. Sim owners have a tool known as "Top Scripts" to determine which scripts utilize the most. With this information they may choose to restrict the use of or eliminate those scripts that have a tendancy of using lots of resources. For more information: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Region_Performance_Improvement_Guide

The posted "ms" was obtained from a Homestead, this sim type typically indicates a higher resource usage.



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