(Stage)-Curtain With Group-Control (boxed) And Support

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The (Stage-)Curtain With Group-Control And Support

okay... YOU wanted it, HERE is it: the group-controlled stage-curtain. Lots of residents were getting on my nerves ;) asking me, if I will insert an option, which allows a group to control the freebie-stage-curtain (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/stage-curtain-with-control-also-useable-for-cinema-or-at-home/407362).
I always said no, because I had programmed it just for me and my needs and offered it on marketplace as freebie and fullperm. Okay... I had some time and so I started to insert the group-option. But I did lots more.

The freebie-version without support has (today:04/18/2015) 282 reviews, rated with four stars!

Here are the ALL features:

* the curtain is still fullperm, you can resize it, change the textures, reprogram, what ever you want to do with it.
<b>BUT: don't forget to reset the curtain after changing it in ANY WAY!</b>
* the controller is *not* fullperm any more. It is not compatible with the freebie-version, so you can't control the freebie-version with THIS controller!
* the controller is modify, so you can add scripts (for example MultiSceneRezzer)
* the controller can be also controlled by the group
* You also can add (and of course remove) "[Si]ngle[Pe]rsons". If there are residents, which should not be in your group, but they should control the curtain, so you can add them, too!
* The curtain(s) in this box are (I hope so) all too small for your windows, doors, stages, etc. You can easily resize it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfKIOOJEV7U) for your own needs.
* Included in this box, there are some examples, for a living-room, for a stage and for a nursery and one without the front-curtains.
* front-curtain and back-curtains can be controlled separately
* ...and of course: support included! If there are any problems, so pleeeease send me a NC INWORLD and pleeeease don't ask for support in the comments here. Thank you.

Hint: if you change the curtain to "convex hull", you will save prims.

I hope you have the same fun with it like with the freebie one.


* Will you give support for this item?

Yes. In opposite of the freebie one...

* What means "AddSiPe", "RemoveSiPe" and "ListSiPe"?

Easy: the Buttons are limited to 10 characters, so I shortcutted the "Single Person".
"AddSiPe" = Add a single person to the control
"RemoveSiPe" = Remove a person from the control
"ListSiPe" = List the persons, who are allowed to control the curtain.

* It's too small for my needs...

You can easily resize it to your needs. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfKIOOJEV7U how you can do it (The introduction may differ a little bit according to your viewer!)

* After resizing the front/back curtains do not open/close any more.

Have you resetted the scripts in the linked objects after resizing? It's important to do that, otherwise the script will reset the objects to the saved size.



  • Stage-Curtain
  • group-controlled
  • single-person controlled
  • for stage, home and living
  • supported

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Need help plz!

Posted October 01, 2019 by Sallyx2015 2 stars

every time i resized it i reset it and still wont open right one side will open but the other side wont then it trys to open the wrong way even thou i rest it idk what else to do i also deleted one abd put another up and still it works for like three times then bam it doesnt i need this to work if the builder of this product would help me out that be great dont get me wrong great product when it worked and the design is great but it only works three times then epic fail on the product or myself either way i need this to work

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