Star Port Alpha & Beta (100/60m) 5.1 w Rover Bots & Docking Lander/Warbirds Version 5,1

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--- Star Ports Alpha / Beta ---

These Star Ports are single object build, Apha is composed of 100m mega prims while Beta uses 60 m prims.

They has been outfitted with scripts that perform the following:

- TOS 5.1 .. linux-like inworld compute engine, scripts full perm
- Pilot's Pod for non-physical flying
- Capable of sim crossings
- Landmarks Support
- Chat Commications to compatable Starships
- Lighting on inside and outside
- AutoPilot or manual piloting
- Hull Doors and Color controls
- Operator docking controls of TOS ships
- Self docking for TOS ships' requests
- Big Map 40 Target Tracking Screen
- Rover Bots for extended sensors and sentry duty
- Transport/War Birds to taxi with the Star Port

The Hud'd Main Menu is accessed by issuing "/2010 menu" from the
chat line, or by touching one of the following:

- The Control Room's Console Screen/Desk
- The wide red control bands within the Pilot's Pod
- The vertical hull section on each floor, only from the inside.

Transport Ships are included for accessing the Docking System of the Star Port.

Rover bots perform Sentry, Patrol and Wander duties but may be expanded.


Hull and Internal Ship features

- Lower Pilot's Pod with touch controls and Sim Map display

- Each level has two 'Port Hatches, each with their own controls

Touching the outside glass area of the hatch opens
or closes the port.

Touching the large red 'band' on the side rib, close to the port
acts as a opener/closer for each level, for each hatch.

- Hull Dome opens/closes by touch.

- Teleports for each level

There are four red 'pipes that serve as TPs to each level. By
touching 1 of the 4 pipes, it will peform an instant TP.

A 'sit' on the outside hull will teleport to the upper level.

Touching the large red control room deck, teleports onto the control deck.

- Full Lighting System

: Individual or Grouped Floor lights

: Grouped interal lights for walls and ceilings

: Grouped running lights on the horizonal side panels.

: Grouped landing lights on the side of the hatch entries.

: Grouped Control Room lights.

The second large band by the Hatch Control band, acts as a light
controller for that level's floor. It will toggle thru off/low/on states.

The white outside 'sections' on the control room deck act as lit switches.

- Outside Hull Glass and Internal Glass Coloring

Hull glass and Inside glass colors are individually controlled.

The Hull and Inside Glass panels are set as a group.

The outside metallic hull sections have their own color controls.

- Full Hud Menus are available by touching the Control Room's Console Desk,
or by issuing a "/2010 menu" command from the chat line.

Controls all the lighting systems

Controls each level's set of hatches as a group.

Sets the Hull and Inside Glass colors

Network Communications to compatable ships or companion devices.


Warp Engine

- The Star Port is outfitted with a custom 'Warp Engine'

The Warp Engine is a high-performance and flexible Non-Physical Movement
Engine that operates without use of 'Mouse Look'. It is capable of being
script programmed, remote controlled or piloted by the owner.

A 'Pilot Pod' area is availabe on the lowest level and allows the ship to be
manually controlled thru avatar cursor keys.

The two wide control bands, Lits and Hatches, allow a 'Sit' to be performed
that will set the pilot in one of two locations.

The outside bottom bay hull may be touched to opened up the lower shell
cover that allows the pilot to see outside.


Communicatons and Bots Control

- Chat Communications to compatable ships and devices

Recognized devices and ships can establish two-way Text Chat services.

- Auto Docking support for Remote Ships

Ships that have established a network connection, may be issued commands
that tell them how to auto-dock to one of four hangers.

Auto Dock parameters :

- Outside Docking global position
- Inside Parking global position
- Hatch Control command

Using these, ship may auto-pilot to the docking location, send a 'Hatch Open'
command to the Star Port and then auto-pilot to it's internal parking position.

- Landmarks Management

Landmarks may be stored and managed internally within the ship's Inventory
Prim. These can be used to send remote controlled ships to those locations
or given to the remote ship's internal inventory.

- Rover Bots

Three Rover Bots are available to serve as extended sensors and perform duties
on behalf of the Star Port. Each is independent and armed with starship's weapons


Full docs are on Google Drive:



  • Alpha is a 100m single object build, Beta is 60m in size
  • Lower Control Room features advanced Big Map 40 Target Tracker Screen
  • Each level has individual lights and door controls
  • Lower Pilot Pod allows the Star Port to be driven
  • TOS 5.1 : linux-like in-world micro-controller

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