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Stargate Overloader : Info

/!\ Actually (version 1.0) the Overloader only works on ASNs. We hope to soon make it compatible with AGA. /!\

This system allows you and others to overload a stargate trough the wormhole and cause it to explode.
It takes 25 minutes for the stargate to become completely overloaded, and explode :3
Upon raising the target stargate shield or iris, it will take 35 minutes to explode.

When you rez the device, you agree to the possibility of someone blowing up your gate. Do not come crying to me, Vala, when someone decides to be mean

Explosion Mode :

When the overload is done your gate blows up with your overloader.

Offline Mode :

When the overload is done, your stargate goes offline for 30 minutes. If you try to set the gate back online, the overloader will instantly set it back off.

Terms of Service :

>If you accept this, you accept the fact that your gate can be destroyed by an overloader.*

>If you shutdown your stargate when she's being overloaded, you are going to loose your overloader.

>You can stop the overload by destroying the crystals of your assaillant's overloader or by shutting down their stargate.**

>If your Stargate explodes, the overloader will too.*

>When your gate's being overloaded, you will receive a direct message wich includes the name of the stargate which is overloading your gate.

>When you are overloading, the countdown starts, and when it goes to the limit, the other gate explodes. (save for some lag or network issues ;P)*

>If the targeted stargate has raised their iris/shield, the countdown is slown down, and adds 10 minutes.***

*If the Real Stargate Explosion Mode is selected.

**Cutting the vortex of the target stargate will cause the assailant's overloader to explode.

***You cannot add more than 10 mins. it's just one set of 10 min, and nothing more :3

Floating Text :

The floating text on the device only appears when YOU overload a target.

The informations appears like this:

target stargate name | stargate owner
time elapsed > time goal
connection test successfull / connection test sent

If too many connection tests fail, the overloader will automaticly stop sending EMPs. Either the device on the other side has been deleted, or the sim is too laggy, or crashed for some odd reason.

The EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulse) are what keep the stargate open for longer periods. Sending multiple over time will cause the stargate to stay open forever until someone shuts it down.

3. How to use Obelisks of Power

Rez one at a time!
Rez an obelisk from the inventory.
Wait until it says "Ready"
Rez the next one



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