Starship Nebula w. docking Lander/Warbirds - v5.1 Version 5.1.A

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Satori Starships - Nebula A, B, C

Set of Nebula-A, Nebula-B and Nebula-C. Two starship styles with 'B/C' larger than
the 'A' version.

Starships Nebula are 55m length 40m length motherships that rezz a set of warbirds
and civilian transports which auto-dock to designated mothershp lander pads/pods.

The crew consists of pilot and four front gunners, two rear gunners with seating for 7.
Landers and Warbirds are a mix of single and multi-passenger crews.

The pilot flies without use of MouseLook mode, which is reserved for weapons aiming/firing.


Features TOS 5.1: a linux-like, multi-core interpreter with general purpose APIs, scripts full perm.

Update 5.1.A

- Updated Region Display to synch with 'https:' requirement.
- SL Landmarks and Pseudo-LM Textfiles are fully support for ship functions.

Fixes 5.1.B

- Cleaner network startup of newly renamed Net-IDs
- Cleaner Give & Take of LMs
- Potential fatal feedback loop in CLI fixed


TOS Starships

Satori Starships are powered by a virtual OS, which integrates all the various ship's
components into a single coherient system.

Ship's Functions:

Hud accesses all functions, controls and settings.
Manual or Auto-Pilot Flight Sheets
Warp and Pulse Non-Physical engine modes
MoveTo and Pulse Physical (Phantom Ghost Ship) engine modes
Non-Mouselook Flight controls
Full Landmarks and Pseudo-Landmarks support and management
Access to LMs from ship and teleporter systems
Teleport-Tube moves any AV directly to a LM within 1000m
Ships can warp to neighbor sims within 10,000m.
Pilot's map can generate local sim landmarks
Pilot touch panels for major ship's operations
Ship-to-Ship communications (region or grid)
Ship group or war-birds group, local sim chat
Auto-Docking controls on all ships.
Mothership controls for rezzing and docking lander ships
Landers are 7 Transports & 5 Warbirds of mixed types
Lighting controller for inside and running lights
Morphing prims controller for portals openings
Physical Shield lock-down
Multiple weapon types, registered at various damage levels.
Auto-Aim Weapons
Sentry auto-fire supports Group/Self targetting by use of Group Tags.
War / Damage System (hits counter)
Auto Seeker Missiles with firing parameter controls
Hunter / Security Bots
Rezzer also acts as ship chat and remote tools such as 'ping'.


WAR Module!

All TOS ships are equiped with a Warring Module, a prim damage assessment system with
SFX that fades each prim when hit until it 'dies', to be use in friendly War Parties.

Default battle mode is Free For All / +Regen



A Virtual World CPU/OS in Second Life

The TAO OS is written in Second Life's programming language called "LSL".
LSL is specialized in interacting with the simulator's functions and databases.

TOS acts as a micro-controller, using notecards as source code to run programs
that manage and manipulate the data flow between the various ship's APIs.

The TOS System Library of Modules, API documentations and ships' documentation
are available on Google Drive:

Thank you for your interest.

- Satori Taringa



  • 55m ship has auto-pilot capabilities, with landmarks or sim map usage
  • Custom physical/non-physical engine (both have precise and 'sloppy' movements)
  • Pilot and two gunners with access to a variety of ship-damage weapons
  • Hud Menus for all ship functions and touch panels for commonly used commands.
  • TOS 5.1 : a linux-like in-world micro-controller

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