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The Raquel steamboat has been built inspired in the small passenger ships from the first third of the 20th century.

With a capacity of 7 passengers that are easily modifiable in case the user wants to increase her capacity, this vessel is the result of many hours of work, culminating in an amateur build that tries to reach a reasonable level of details and customization.

Therefore, it will be possible for the customer to modify this build, even though the main hull does not have a UV map, making non-viable to change its design, just the colours.

*** 1. General Characteristics.

Length: 32.00 m.
Beam: 7.50 m.
Depth: 5.00 m.
Max Speed: 12 knots (2 knots reverse).
Crew: 8 (1 driver + 7 passengers).

*** 2. Ship Commands.

- W or ↑: Increase speed (1 knot).
- S or ↓: Decrease speed (1 knot).
- A or ←: Turn left.
- D or →: Turn right.

*** 3. HUD Characteristics.

The HUD displays current speed and distance to sea bottom over the vertical of the avatar.

- Speed is indicated in knots.
- Distance to sea bottom is displayed from the ship's keel to the bottom.

There are five buttons located above the velocimeter with the following functions:

- START: to start all the funnel smoke and engine sound. The rest of the effects, such like the rotating propeller and the water wake are activated depending on the ship speed (over 2 knots in the case of the last one).

- STOP: press to stop all the previous effects.

- WHISTLE: plays the steam whistle sound.

- BELL: plays the bell sound.

- LIGHTS: turn on and off the bridge and passenger cabin lights.

Pressing start or stop won't activate or deactivate the main script but just the boat effects.

*Extra functions:

- Eject passenger: type in channel 66 the command "eject" followed by the first letters of the avatar's name you want to boot.

Example: "/66 eject heinrich mohr" would eject that person, while typing "/66 eject he" would eject any person whose name starts by he.

*** 4. Adjusting of driver's position.

The pilot position is standing, causing tall avatars to penetrate the floor with their feet. To correct this issue and adjust position, say the following in open chat:

++ Moves the avatar up 0.025 m.
-- Moves the avatar down 0.025 m.
+ Moves the avatar forward 0.025 m.
- Moves the avatar backwards 0.025 m.

*** 5. General Recommendations.

- It is recommended to disable your AO to properly sit your avatar on the steamer.
- Right click on the model and select "Get In" to be able to drive the boat. The passengers will be able to sit next and in case anyone want to sit in some specific bench, activate ctrl + alt + T to see the invisible sitting cubes, and click over the desired spot.

*** 6. Product Characteristics.

- Model:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: NO

- Scripts:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES (*)
Transfer: YES (*)

(*) with the exception of the sit adjust script due to license requirement.

- HUD:

Copy: YES
Modify: YES
Transfer: NO

- Material: 100% Mesh.
- Land Impact: 143 as a display model, 143 or 247 as a physical ship depending on the option.

*** 7. Content.

- Steamboat Raquel in two versions: 143 and 247 land impact.

- Speedometer HUD with effect buttons.

There are two versions depending on the level of realism desired for the physical shape. This vessel combines the utilization of both prim and triangle based (mesh), causing a penalization in land impact that is typical for vehicles that use some mesh physics. That is the reason why i thought convenient to include two versions to let the user to choose the most appropriate one:

* 247 land impact version:

Physical shape for hull, main deck, superstructure and bulwarks.

* 143 land impact version:

Physical shape for hull, main deck and superstructure but NO bulwarks.

*** 8. Customization.

The mesh model has modifying rights so the owner will be able to change colours, textures and parameters by editing each one of the materials. Be free to modify the model, to add any logo or complement you wish.



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The gamble paid off
full star full star full star full star full star Posted April 15, 2023 by Paul Hexem

No demo, no in world store, not a great picture, this was a gamble. I intended to rebuild the scripts anyway so I was gambling on the mesh itself, and it paid off. This was worth the purchase price by far.

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  • Land Impact: 143
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh