Stephen King 2 Trivia Globe

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If your Second Life is getting too dull and boring, add a Trivia Globe to your land and let the party continue with this ball. Once activated, this trivia ball will continuously spit out questions about the King of Horrific Literature, Stephen King, and will also keep score and let you know who's in the lead. Perfect for contests, or just for the fun of it. This item does not award linden prizes and is for entertainment purposes only. If you need a little more fun in your Second Life, you don't need to travel the globe, just pick up a globe here, and let the party continue on!

Congratulations on your purchase of the Stephen King #2 Trivia Globe. This globe is modifiable so you can adjust settings within the trivia script, as well as the notecards within each trivia globe if you wish to add or remove certain questions. Please be warned, if you add too many questions to the existing notecards, the script may not be able to handle a great deal of questions, and may crash from being overloaded. If this ever happens, go into the content list and pull up the trivia notecard in question, and begin removing questions from the list (and selecting "Reset Scripts" after each deletion) until your trivia globe activates again.

Please note that this is the Stephen King Set #2 of a two-part trivia set.

How to use your trivia globe

To start using your trivia globe right away, just rez it out in an area that allows objects to be rezzed, and let the fun begin. The trivia globes are all set up to begin activating immediately upon rezzing, and will continue to run until it is clicked to deactivate. Click the ball again to re-activate the game. At any time if you wish to de-activate the Trivia Globe and put it to sleep, simply click on the Trivia Globe, and it will enter shut-down mode after a few seconds. The Trivia Globe cannot de-activate at the same time it asks a question, so please wait until Trivia Globe finishes its next question before de-activating. This trivia globe is set up in "Freeplay" mode, which means it will not cost you any lindens for correct answers. This is meant for entertainment purposes only, and not used as a device for financial gain or loss.

The Trivia script is modifiable so that the owner can make certain changes to their preference. To change the time between each trivia question, right click on the globe and go to the "Content" tab. Locate the script "Trivia" and double-click on it to pull up the script. Go to line 9 where it says "integer ANSWER_TIME = 50;" and change the number to whatever you wish. Keep in mind that the time frame is set in intervals of SECONDS, so if you want a longer time between questions, you have to convert minutes into seconds, but 50 seconds is typically long enough of a time frame between questions. For a fast-paced game of Trivia Globe, change the duration from 50 seconds to 20 seconds, and prepare for even more fun as your guests scramble to guess the right answers in the quickest time possible.

The Trivia Globe is written in a fashion that once a question is asked, it will not repeat itself in the same duration, and will deactivate itself once the Trivia Globe runs out of questions to ask. Click the Trivia Globe again to re-activate and start again.

All of the Trivia Globes are mod and trans, but no copy.

For any further questions on how to operate your Trivia Globe, feel free to drop me a line and I'll do my best to assist you. Thanks again for your purchase, and enjoy your Trivia Globe.

-SonicBlu Darkfold
-Profile Pic Photographer/Editor



  • Touch to activate
  • Touch again to deactivate
  • Trivia script is modifyable to change the speed of the questions
  • Trivia Brain notecard modifyable to change the questions
  • Hours of entertainment for you and your guests!

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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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