Stunt Skateboard by Abranimations [ NEW DISCOUNTED PRICE ] Version 2013

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Stunt Skateboard By Abranimations

This is a fun skateboard you can ride in Secondlife. It contains 10 tricks, responds to special ramps and is fully customizable with 12 preset designs and a custom template you can use to create your own board designs. The board has the following features built into it :-

- 12 Preset Designs created by the talented artist Wildcat Snowpaw
- Custom Design Template
( You can download this from the website to create your own skateboard designs. )
- 7 Wheel Colors
- 10 Special Tricks
- Fire particle mode just for fun!
- Prop board you can attach that works with the mount/dismount option.
- Free simple half pipe
- Water balloons for fun chaotic fun with friends!

Attach the following parts in this package to your avatar...

1. Mesh Skateboard 2013 v1.0
This is the main skateboard. It should attach to your right foot.

IMPORTANT :- Do not attach it to another attachment point! It is critical that it is attached to the right foot for the tricks to work correctly. If you have a pair of shoes or other attachment already attached to your foot you can still keep this attached at the same time as the skateboard. To attach the skateboard without detaching any items/shoes already attached to your right foot, right click on the board in your inventory and select the option 'Add'. (This will not work with very old viewers.)

2. Abranimations Skateboard HUD
This is the control HUD. it includes 10 buttons for tricks, an options button that will display the options menu, and a button to mount/dismount your skateboard. This can be attached to any HUD attachment point.

3. Skateboard 2013 (Hand held Prop)
This is a hand help skateboard for your to carry around when you are not skating. It can be attached to any of the following attachment points. Pick the attachment point that corresponds to your preferred carry method.

Right Hand - To carry the board under your right hand
Left Hand - To carry the board under your left hand
Right Lower Arm - To carry the board under your right arm
Left Lower Arm - To carry the board under your left arm

This hand held skateboard is visible when you are dismounted from the main skateboard.

The HUD has 10 trick buttons, clicking any of these will cause you to preform a trick.

Clicking on the options button will display the options menu. The available options are as follows...
Fire - Displays a sub menu with various fire color options. This option literally turns on some fire particles under your board.
Website - This option will take you to the skateboard webpage where you can find further information and the design templates
Design - This option will display a menu allowing you to access the preset skateboard designs, or assign your own custom design (see further down for more info)
Wheels - This option will display a menu with various wheel color options.
Sounds - This option allows you to turn the skateboards sound effect on and off.

- You can download the Board Template on the skateboard website
- Edit this file in photoshop or your preferred art package and upload the texture to Secondlife
- Now right click on the texture in your inventory and select the option 'Copy Asset UUID'
- Now on the skateboard HUD select the option Options Menu >> Design >> CUSTOM
- Now paste the UUID of your texture into chat and hit return
- Your texture should now be applied to your board.

This skateboard has a ramp response system built into it, this will cause the board to jump when it collides with prims given a specific name. These prims can be used to create trigger points on ramps and obstacles that you wish the board to jump over. Make sure that these prims are not linked to your ramps, they must sit by themselves.

These are the following prim names you can use
xRampExtraSmall - Will apply a small push on an avatar that comes into contact
xRampSmall - Good for most ramps and half pipes
xRampMedium - Will cause a much higher jump
xRampLarge - Lots of push
xRampExtraLarge - Even more push

Included with this skateboard is a simple half pipe you can use. Rez it in world and position it.

Then touch it to de-link the ramp trigger prims and turn them invisible.

Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved Abranimations (R)
Created by Abramelin Wolfe & Wildcat Snowpaw

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It's good

Posted February 23, 2020 by IkarosStrike 5 stars

Still the best skateboard I've found. Don't need rez permissions to use. It's great.

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Holds up well

Posted June 08, 2018 by EspressoDepresso 4 stars

Customization is pretty minimal, you cant change the top part of the skateboard, but the animations are quite good, even though this thing is a few years old. It'd be pretty neat to get some updated animations or more customization.

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