[SuXue Mesh] V2 Rose, with Hud 10 Colors Roses, 2 Animated Smelling and Holding,Thorns on / off, Resize DEMO Version v2 It must be transferred before you opened the packaging.

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Hello and thank you for choosing [SuXue] Design.
Notice something different about the demo's?
They're not wrapped around a cage nor are they labeled with demo signs all around them.
Thats because the product you're trying on has a special script in it which lets you wear the clothing for ONLY 5 minutes.
The only reason we chose to work this way was to give you the best experience possible when trying-out our demo's.

For that 5 minutes you will not be able to rezz or drop that item.

After the 5 minute period;
√ all child prims will be renamed as "Object"
√ all child prim descriptions will be whiped clean
√ all other contents will be deleted
√ all textures on your product will change back to default wood texture
√ all colors on your product will be changed to white
√ all prims will rescale to 0.010 - (not if its rigged)
It must be transferred before you opened the packaging.
If you open the box, you can not send it.
Please do not open to the box..
It must be send to him or her before you opened the box.
Since the transfer is open, there is “no Redelivery".
• Please try a FREE DEMO before purchase.
Available at the in world store!
• Please make sure you are happy with the item before purchase.
• Please make your purchases carefully since no refunds will be given for any reason.

With 3 separate holding poses. That will only affects the arms. You can use it with your own ao.
You are not allowed to rezz this object, please wear only!

■ Permissions:
► Before the box is not open; ̶C̶o̶p̶y̶ ̶M̶o̶d̶i̶f̶y̶ Transfer✔
► After opening the box; M̶o̶d̶i̶f̶y̶ ̶T̶r̶a̶n̶s̶f̶e̶r̶ Copy ✔
► Mesh: 100% Mesh
► Resizable - Low lag (only 1 resizer script)

■ Package Includes:

► 5 Roses Thorns and no thorns (with AO); (2 hands, Right Hand, Smelling animated.)
With 3 separate holding poses. That will only affects the arms. You can use it with your own ao.

► HUD: 10 colors texture rose
Full Bright on / off

The [HUD] menu is very easy to use. Simply ADD the [HUD] and then the items, and click on your combination of textures
► 1 Notecard
► 1 Landmark

RESIZE: The resize menu is very easy to use. Just click on the item and a menu will pop-up. Then you can adjust the size of your items.
You can resize your objects (prim or linkset) in all X, Y, Z directions instead of just enlarging them. The menu gives you the possibility to stretch the object in X, Y, Z or XY, XZ, YZ or XYZ directions.
√ That "Stretch XYZ" button works as a clasic prim or linkset resizer.
√ Everytime you can back to store (orginal) sizes
√ You can use it as a posing stand - when the object atached pose on and pose off buttons adds automaticliy but if the object rezzed on the floor that buttons removes from menu -
√ Also deletable if needed.

■ Store Policy:
➠ No Custom order
➠ No Exchange
➠ No Refund

PS: Please keep in mind that HUD's do not work in no-script zones.
So if you're unable to control your HUD, this is probably the reason.

See item in Second Life ®



  • -100% Mesh
  • -Bouquet holding and misseding pose Animation
  • -Texture Changer [HUD]
  • -Low lag (only 1 Resizer script)
  • Wedding Engagement Promise Ceremony Celebrations Christmas Anniversary Birthday

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  • Icon clothing Works with Classic and Mesh Avatars More info
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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh