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[1,999L IN-WORLD] + Active Updates please join Discord!

The Super Noodle Dragon is a complete bento avatar which utilizes BOM layers for maximum customization. It includes many layers, a very easy to use HUD with alpha cuts and color picker, many animations, any more more!

This avatar was created with modders in mind, which means not only it was focused on very modular parts/alpha cuts, but it is very easy to use and gives LOADS of options and ways to modify it to your own liking. This avatar will be continuously updated for free, and devkits will be available as well using the links on the included notecards.

Rig Kit + Uvmap kit available upon purchase.
Discord for community support and info:

Live Updates:

Head attachment points = LeftEye RightEye

=====NEW UPDATE 1.03=======
▶ New Super flex whiskers with tattoo layer and feathers all use color picker
▶ 4 Whisker base textures + color tinting
▶ 24 Whisker feather textures + tinting and more to come!
▶ Snoop Dragon dance! And More~

▶Make sure to read update document for more info!

Key Features
*New RP-Lite in beta

▶ 12 Fur Coat skins included
▶ 16 Eye textures + tintable eyes
▶ 8 Tongue textures with several designs
▶ 6 Lays, 6 Sits, 2 Dances, more animations via Rp-Lite, and plenty more animations to come
▶ Pawpads with tintable textures included
▶ BOM separate layers for much customization
▶ 100% Custom AO with additional features normal AOs do not have
▶ Custom flight cam - gives flying a very fun experience!
▶ Custom Speed Booster with accelerated takeoff - Makes flying even more fun!
▶ Very efficient mesh and scripts for lag free experience and no jelly dolling // ~60k Complexity with all items attached
▶ Super Refined and simplistic HUDs which include Alpha Cuts, Color picker, texture applier and more
▶ Trails particle FX options, can enabler/disable trails and customize with RGB, colors, and preset textures or your own uuid!
▶ Very dynamic flying, looks like a real noodle!
▶ No wing bones used, can use for your own creations!
▶ Attachment points for head and body
▶ Uses Bento skeleton!
▶ Can use avatar shape sliders to adjust shapes!
▶ Has facial options such as blushing and eyelashes
▶ Comes with devkits Photoshop files and rig file available through Discord!
▶ Extremely easy to mod and use - so much fun!
▶ Active community and development!
▶ Lifetime updates and requests

If you get a red face please check your inventory and remove all other alphas from other folders and use only the provided alpha! BOM has weird issues

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please message Rancorwilds Resident with notecard or join the official Dragons Arise group and ask away! You can also join the Discord and directly ask and I will get back to you ASAP, thanks!

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A promising project

Posted April 15, 2020 by saga0heartless 4 stars

I purchased this avatar because I love oriental dragons in general, and because I expected it to fit very well with the water dragon character I often play. All in all, it's a great avatar for the price, and as a project it's certainly full of promises.

The flight animations are some of the best I have seen, very imaginative. If you are fond of a certain noodle dragon from a certain anime movie, this is the avatar for you, hands down.
The flight camera follows with a smooth delay, so you can see your avatar turning, riding the air in it's full glory. It's pretty spectacular.

Apart from the scripts, the avatar is fully mod, so you can have endless fun with it; create custom textures, new animations, replace body parts.

However, the avatar is, somewhat unfinished. It feels that this project very much relies on third party mods that may or may not happen. A lot of the pose/animation/sound/fx slots in the HUDs that are completely empty. As of now, the avatar is mute, and has few poses/animations.

Sadly, the avatar doesn't work underwater. It just doesn't. By default, it tilts on its nose and floods you with script error notices. Even with some trial and error tweaking of the AO notecard, I could only get it swim forward and hover, but any up or down movement freezes the avatar and triggers yet more script error messages. As far as I understand, this is a flaw of ZHAO-II itself, but it means this avatar simply cannot be used as a water dragon. Real shame.

I might get flamed for this, but I will just say it: I find the avatar somewhat feminine. I'm a guy, and I really would have liked a more unisex design. As it is, the head especially, is very round and on the 'cutsie' side, which is very unappealing to me.

If viewed as a project, rather than the finished article, I think this is a great avatar and certainly worth supporting.

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Absolutely Stunning!

Posted April 02, 2020 by BlackstreakBifrost 5 stars

Absolutely stunning form and animation. The flying animation is exactly what I want with this type of eastern dragon. Beautiful mesh and details coupled with easy HUD and customization. Love it!

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