Survey Questionnaire Kiosk V3 *0.023ms* - Ask questions... and follow up questions! Version 3.0214-1940

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Customer feedback and their opinion has always been an important tool with any product development. This gadget allows you to quiz them providing both multiple-choice as well as open-essay answers, then ask a follow up question based on their response to the last question to obtain targeted information. Once the survey is completed, you will receive two emails with their response which can easily be copy/pasted into a spreadsheet for trending. The customer may optionally receive a gift or a monetary reward for their time. This tool limits to one survey per customer until max payment is reached. The kiosk itself is full permission, however scripts are no-modify/yes-copy/no-transfer.

What's new in V3?
Essay questions now uses llTextBox while still allowing /channel for compatibility with older viewers.
Config option available to limit use to only avatars having a rezdate/birthday more then # days ago
Config option available to show countdown timer hovertext between surveys to prevent rapid L$ drain
Config option available to require entry of a SurveyCode to determine which survey notecard is processed
Survey can be ended early if incorrect answers are received from avatar by using a new "IfNot" command
Images may now be displayed on any face of root prim and tinted any color before and/or during a survey

Example 'Config' notecard
(Line 01) Email = ;
(Line 02) MaxPayout = L$100
(Line 03) MinutesBetweenPayout = 1
(Line 04) HoverTextBetweenPayout = Kiosk will be available\\n in
(Line 05) AvatarID = Named
(Line 06) AccessAllowed = Everybody
(Line 07) EssayComm = PrivateChat 1000 3000
(Line 08) MinimumAge = 30
(Line 09) HoverWaitText = May I have a few\\nminutes of your time?\\n \\nPlease click here\\nto take a survey\\n \\n|\\n|\\n|\\n|\\n|\\n|\\nV\\n
(Line 10) SurveyCodes = Yes
(Line 11) Image = 3 = 5748decc-f629-461c-9a36-a35a221fe21f = <1.0,1.0,1.0>

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  • Ask questions, then ask a related follow-up question
  • Change textures on root prim during survey process
  • Supports use of SurveyCodes for targeted marketing
  • Allowed both anonymous as well as named surveying
  • Responses can easily be copy/pasted into spreadsheet

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