"Syukyu" (JapaneseBow) HMJ Version 2.2 DEMO

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It is DEMO.
You can use this about ten times.

< "Wakyu" Japanese bow instructions >

------1, Combat style mode (Default) ------

(1) Please attach the Bow. The bow can be used without the included arrow.

(2) Use mouse look to fire an arrow.

------2, Kyudo style mode ------
("Mode" > "kyudo S-30" or "kyudo L-45")

(1) In competition mode the impact will be off target.

(2) To reduce this click twice. Once to aim then another to release.

(3) The best timing of your second click comes about one second after you finish pulling the bow.
("kai"step of "Shahou-hassetu")

(4) With good timing the impact will be correct.

(5) After a short time , if you do not click the second, the arrow will release without permission.

(6) As for the bow, your skill is evaluated (the following 4 stages).
1) "hayake"(Too fast) --- The timing of the second click is too early.
2) "ichimonji"(Better)--- The impact was hardly off.
3) "juumonji"(Best) --- The impact was on target!
4) "motare"(Too late) --- Timing is too slow. The same as automatic fire mode.

(7) For the correct timing please show your self in mouse look.
1) Viewer Setting > Preferences > Advanced > Avatars
2) Show me in Mouselook - Shows your avatar's body when you're in mouselook mode.

------3, Arrow effectiveness ------

(1) Arrow vanishes on ground impact.
(2) Arrow sticks when it hits Prim. (Will vanish after 20 seconds)
(3) Arrow causes damage to avatar. (Land damage enabled)
(4) Arrow sticks in avatar. Arrow moves for 20 seconds with avatar. (Land damage disabled)

------4, Main menu ------

(1) Mode change (Combat style or Kyudo style)
("Mode" > "Easy1 S-30","Easy2 S-30","kyudo S-30")

1) Combat 1 / Combat style type 1
You fixed an arrow to the bow and set up the bow.
Takes 0.6 seconds to the launching of the arrow.
"Easy1 S-30" is set to 30m/s beforehand.

2) Combat 2 / Combat style type 2
You are not being fixed an arrow to the bow. None pose.
Takes 0.7 seconds to the launching of the arrow.
"Easy2 S-30" is set to 30m/s beforehand.

3) kyudo S-30 / Kyudo style (Short distance target mode)
You shoot the arrow in accordance with "Shahou-hassetu".
Takes about 27 seconds to the operation completion.
The speed of the arrow is 30m/s.
Suitable for aiming from 20 to 30 meter previous target.

(2) PhotoMode
("PhotoMode" > "YES","NO","Pose only")
1)PhotoMode is for Snapshot.
2)By pressing the pose only button no arrows will be fired.

------5, Option menu ------

(1) Display and non-display of mode by floating text
("Display ON","Display OFF)
1) Use when participation mode is specified in game etc.

(2) Setting and clearness of horse riding mode
("No Horse","Ride Horse")
1) When using you riding on horse of installation type.
2) When the arrow is launched, the problem that the horse gives oneself up to ground is solved.
3) You fly up in the air if you are not riding a horse^^

(3) Confirmation of setting of current state
1) All the settings are displayed.

(4) Reset all
1) All the settings are returned to default.

Produced by Haruki Yifu
Translation by Yukina Kimagawa

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  • Japanese Bow & Arrow (Yumi-Ya)
  • High detail
  • Damage script is included
  • Kyudo Animation is included
  • Red only

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