TARDIS Expansion, Infinity Chamber Version 3.3.1

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This is an expansion for any Novatech Type 40 or Type 70 (sold separately.) It can also be used in HORIZONS, or as a stand-alone skybox.

From TommyTom Jun and Cheshyr Pontchartrain comes an advanced, holographic navigation room for any Novatech Type 40 or Type 70.

The Infinity Chamber is a room that can project a pan-dimensional hologram of a galaxy or the entire Universe at any point in its history. The complex neural net that makes a segment of a Fuzzy Logic Circuitry (aka Intuition Circuit) is connected to this chamber. This neural net is capable of locating time rifts and (by comparing recorded data to information collected by the Scanner, can detect major changes to history.


The hexagonal monitors on the walls randomly display galaxies, nebula and other space images. The displays change automatically, but if you wish you can touch any of them to bring up a new image. You may also add your own pictures to these prims. If you do, take a copy of the modified object (Holodisplays) and insert it in the main Infinity Chamber object, replacing the original display.

The small keyboard in the center of the room controls the holographic planetarium. Touch the keyboard and select any planet from the menu, press CLEAR to clear the display, or use the >> and << buttons to change pages. As with the monitors, you can add other objects to the projector. To do so, copy one of the existing planets, retexture it and rename it, then install it into the hexagonal screen above the keyboard.

The cloister bell will sound if triggered by a console room. If you wish to trigger them manually, shout "/42 cloister" to turn them on, or "/42 stand down" to turn them off.

Installation is a breeze with the automated installer orb. Just rez the orb next to your Type 70, click on it, and in a few moments you're ready to go.


The Type 70 TTC (Time Travel Capsule) is a combination flying vehicle, transporter and portable skybox. You can fly it like a normal vehicle by sitting inside and saying "start", or click on its sides and use the menu to pilot. Once you reach your destination, another press of a button rezzes a console room, building platform, or both!

You can also change its shape, size, color and texture from a simple menu system, or use more advanced verbal commands for fine-tuning your unique look.

While I cannot claim time travel, it will take you and your friends anywhere within the sim in grand style. All accompanied by authentic looks and sound effects.

The TTC automatically detects compatible transporter systems and landing pads whenever you enter a new region. If you like, you can also use a notecard to store favorite locations in sims you may not be allowed to leave permanent landing pads. In addition to this, there is a WARP menu that lets you quickly move up, down, north, south, east or west in small increments. You can also travel randomly, just like The Doctor when he installed the randomization circuit to foil the Black Guardian in the excellent "Key to Time" season.

Other features include automated landing, defense circuitry, auto-return, custom destinations, homing beacon, landing platform, console room, two modes of travel and an option to let guests or fellow group-mates fly her.

And if you own emDash, you can use your TTC as a portal and poofer, traveling anywhere on the grid!

For more information, drop by http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gallifrey/126/161/567 where you can see a demo and read the full manual.

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  • HORIZONS-compatible

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Posted January 26, 2010 by Doctor Jillybean 5 stars

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The detail and effects are incredibly well done. I really am enjoying this attachment to my Type 70 TARDIS. Can't give enough praises with all the workmanship ivolved. A definite "must have" for any Novatech Tardis.

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Posted July 22, 2009 by Gabrael Couturier 5 stars

Incredible detail and light on the prim count. Easy to mod and reshape to suit your needs. I changed mine to fit into a square room instead of a sphere and it works great. No complaints. 5 stars.

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