=TBM= F-16 Box V2.1

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=TBM= F-16 Mesh V2.1

★★What's New in V2.1 ???★★

- new cannon in VICE mode,
- external lights,
- mesh adjustment system in.

Warning: High details models mesh, can take some time for loading, slow computer can have some problems for see it correctly, PE "prims count" for complet armed model can up to 115.
For more confort, set your "LOD Factor" to 4 (default is 2).

Real SL airplane, with a normal aerobatic mode, "Hardcore" mode and a "Hyper Hardcore" mode.

Textures are modifiable, create your own F-16.

A group has been created especially for =TBM= airplanes for having free add-ons, free textures/templates for your plane:
the "=TBM= Custom Group":

★★Pack contents★★

★ Two Flyable models, military & Thunderbirds "Thunderbirds is a bit more fast"

★ Hud camera, gauges and Vice for Combat

★ Display models (not scripted, except the canopy, modifiable)

★ Some decorations for maintenance display

★ Poster

★ Notices EN

★ Updater System (1 prim, rezz it where you want)

★★Terms of use★★

You can modify all parts of this plane except all script, you can make livery with templates and share&resell
ALL templates is full permissions, you can share & resell it

★★About the =TBM= F16★★

mesh parts are Rafaell Sorbet's creations made with his 3d software,
and scripts are Tania Bouvier's & hazart Monday's creations.

as said in "terms of use" section, this plane is modifiable,
it means that you can repaint it and that you can link/unlink missiles or bombs or tanks,
by unlinking parts, you may lock functions as using a missile, a bomb, or long range fuel capacity.
that's not a failure:
theses weapons and fuel features were created for having realistic flight,
and allow you to prepare you mission and your plane like in the real world.


← Left Arrow - Bank Left (Turn Left on the Ground)
→ Right Arrow - Bank Right (Turn Right on the Ground)
Shift + Left Arrow- Rudder left ( Work only in exterior view not in mouselook)
Shift + Right Arrow - Rudder right ( Work only in exterior view not in mouselook)
↑ Forward Arrow - Nose Down
↓ Back Arrow - Nose UP
▲ Page up - Throttle increase
▼ Page Down - Throttle Decrease

5%-10% = TAXIWAY
35% = TAKE-OFF
30% - 45% = CRUISE MODE

mouse left click - cannon

★★Chat commands★★


- start - Start the engine

- Stop - Stop the engine


- i - Toggle on or off the smoke system (auto stop at 10% engine speed )
(available on the "aerobatic" version, or with aerobatic smoke tanks placed on your version)


- c - Toggle views

☆☆Harcore mode☆☆

- h - Switch modes (Harcore on / off)

- hh - Switch modes (Hyper Harcore on / off)


- vice on - will enable the VICE weapon system

- vice off - will disable the VICE weapon system

- m - launch missiles / bombs


- refuel tbm - will allow you to refuel your plane when no TBM gas pumps are next to you.





- Engine

- Gear

- Smoke

- Canopy



- 1 2 3 4 - payload selection:
1 - AIM7 (air to air guided missile)
2 - GBU24 (air to ground guided bomb)
3 - AIM9 (air to air guided missile)
4 - AGM65 (air to ground guided missile)

- Target - available for air to ground devices only (payload 2 & 4 ONLY !!):
allow you to "lock / unlock" a on ground target.
before using a air to ground bomb or missile, you have to lock the target first,
when your radar lock the target (BIP sound), click on the "TARGET" button, this will "freeze" your radar on this target and only on this target.
(check the freeze mode on the local chat, and check if the radar has locked an avatar.)
then, you will have to go higher and to launch your bomb/missile (up to 200 meters from the target).
depress the TARGET button to activate the radar again and for choosing another target.



- Fuel Button


Updater inside.

☆Rafaell sorbet

☆Tania Bouvier

★★Thanks to★★

☆Script = Tania Bouvier
☆model = Rafaell Sorbet
☆hud = Hazart monday

Special thanks to our tests pilots:
☆ svetlana shamen
☆ Jimi Xi
☆ aiko toki
☆ ito Naminosaki

=TBM= Tania Bouvier Motors 2013

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Old version they never updated and no customer support

Posted January 18, 2021 by Dmitriy Kroitschov 1 star

This product needs work and there are bugs, missing at lest one major update sent out that I know of since I bought this which I never received. When I bought this in 2018 I got version 2.1 which is still the version being sold here in SL market and there was a version 3.1 sent out I been told and seen. Not only did the developer or store owners never update the version being sold in here, but their redeliver in-world does not even have this listed, and none of the apparent contact people answer email. It has been 24 days since I have IM'ed and sent a note card to two of the owners the first time, eight days since I tried both of them a second time, and eight days since I tried the third and only other owner and apparent contact for such things.... None of my requests for support have been answered and I have given all of them more than enough time to replay to me. I did not pay all this L$ (L$ 2,799) to be ignored and would caution anyone considering purchasing anything from these people you might not get any support either.
1. they did not keep this current online in SL market over the last three+ years missing at lest one major update
2. they did not ensure their in-world redeliver work providing updates for this with current versions
3. they do not reply to customers inside a reasonable time if at all given it is just under a month since my first attempted contact and I made several attempts across three people.
..... I give them 1 star.

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awful truly awful

Posted August 10, 2018 by JennyD Cloud 1 star

ok i took a chance i was wary as i know TBM but i did and here what you get

1 doesnt fly level constantly noses down (TBM trait)
2 pitch and roll far to sensitive in low fps areas one key press will roll or pitch the plane by a lot of degrees. Pitch is a big problem as it wants to nose down so you plane end up like a nodding dog up and down.. trying to line up for a runway is impossible
3 landing mode should be renamed plummet mode select landing mode throttle and you drop out the sky
4 turn to great even on the ground cant even line up for take off as each press turns it to much
5 hud doesnt have any speed or vertical speed indication (the two you really need) just direction can be got from mini map and altitude which is wrong anyway
6 i stopped and throttled to idle and the plane shut down by itself so if you get stuck in a queue of other planes forget it
probbably the worse plane i own

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