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(Updated 6-15-20)
ULTRA update for the bladencat has been added
To include new body changes
a new Bento tail
Tail position change
New dev kit
Bunch of other things too
This new MK8 ULTRA bodies do not fit the old MK8 first release clothes.
Everything else works hair, eyes, skins, ect.
6-15-20: Added in No ear head

It's been 3 years since we began the bladencat projust and 2 years since the last update was released( At the time of this posting)
We've finally come out with a MK8 the latest update in the Bladencat project
This cat has seen a massive update from the last version. I tried my best to address all the complaints and suggestions given over the past years and I hope to have tacked most if not all of them please read below for all the changes before you buy.

1. Bakes on mesh:
We have moved the system to bakes on mesh!
what this means is you no longer need to use the alpha system (not like it worked anyway) or the skin apply system. Instead skins will now be applied to the body via the new Universal wearable system
The skins still use the same textures as before simply add new skins to the following universal slot
Upper body-Upper
On that note the skin changing hud from the previous version no longer works as it jacked up the BOM system. So new skins will have to be added via universals.

2: Layers!
Because this is Bom we are finally able to give y'all the ability to create and apply textures to the cat without scripting. This means you can now create and wear texture clothing, tattoos ect to the cat via the wearables system.
NOTE: Tattoo wearables don't work because of the masking system, if you want to apply tattoos please use the underwear layer instead.

3: Bento!
I've gotten better at rigging bento but not that great. The head is now bento which means that the eyes and mouth as well as the fingers are now bento.
We have added in a new tail with ULTRA DLC

4: The Dev kit is included it's blender only. i used blender 2.7 and Avastar 1.7.1 to make clothes for it.
I don't know how to use anything but blender, so i cant help you but i did include the daes so maybe you can use those instead.
Also the textures are included as well as a 2D texture grid for painting and clothes making.

5: Please don;t mind the price increase, I got complaints that people werent able to send the cats as gifts and the only way i can make that possible is by changing the price to 1L that is LL not me.

On that note I would like to kindly remind people not to resell these avatars, they are meant to be here as a starter free gift to everyone. Please don;t be a butt.

6: Last but not least the new shapes
I tried to listen to all the suggestions and create as many body types as I could. More will come later on as making these bodies was super fun!
-Normal Female w/bust
-Normal Female/ Flat
-Normal Male ( Like the flat but with a square-er body)
-Pregnant Female w/bust
-Tsuki W/bust(Tsuki being the short chubby cat you see in the picture named after my short fat cat irl by the same name: https://youtu.be/coHpsL9xya4)
-Muta( The male Tsuki also named after my fat cat irl)

Sorry there arent any clothes for them just yet but after putting all of this together I got super tired.. so clothes coming soon. Items from Mk7 should still work with them like hair and eyes, some outfits should work as well. If not y'all have the texture kits you can create and wear alphas for them instead of using that broken system from before.

More creators tools will come soon I just need to recharge.
Please keep up to date by joining our group and discord
(Old) Dev kit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o06gwjzxluijzse/Bladencat%20Mk8.zip?dl=0



  • Mutiple Bodies
  • 6 Free hair
  • A lot of skins
  • Dev kit
  • Some other stuff

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Too cute :)

Posted June 09, 2020 by EloniaSimoes 5 stars

These are soo cute, with the tiny outfits!!! :)

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Best Kitty!

Posted June 02, 2020 by BellatrixCervantes 5 stars

This reminds me sooo so much of palicos from monster hunter, and i;ve always wanted to be one. The look is one of the best small kitties out there, and very customizable <3

Thank you for making this :D

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