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**These horses are TEMPORARY and will delete themselves when no one is sitting on them. These horses are NOT horses to wander on your land. These horses are NOT modifiable. If you want wandering horses that you can modify, what you want is the full version Teeglepet that is only sold in-world at the Teegle store at this time**

The Teeglepet Riding Horse Rezzer can be placed on your land to allow your guests to rez and ride temporary horses.

When your guest clicks on the rezzer, they will see a pop-up menu in the top right corner of their screen asking them to select one of 20 horses to ride. When they click the name of a horse on the pop-up menu, the chosen horse will rez beside the rezzer. Your guest can then sit on the rezzed horse and ride with their friends!

These horses are temporary, which means that they will delete themselves when your guest is finished riding them; you do not need to chase them down to manually move or delete them.

Rezzer style 1: Fully animated, animesh horse on a hitching post
Rezzer style 2: Low LI western saddle stand
Optional signs with 5 text options
5 horse skin colors for hitching post horse
Wood, saddle, and saddlepad color options for hitching post and saddle stand
20 horses for guests to choose from (no modify, each with unique skins and wearing western tack)
Instructions to add your own copyable teeglepets to customize your rezzer (see below)

===== LAND IMPACT: =====

The rezzer comes in two styles.You may rez either or both of these rezzers on your parcel.
Hitching post with animesh horse: 34 LI
Saddle stand: 2LI

In order for the horse to be able to rez, you will need additional LI available on your parcel after you have placed the rezzer down. If your parcel doesn't have enough LI to rez a horse, the horse won't be able to appear. If your parcel is full after rezzing one horse and one HUD, other horses will be unable to rez until your guest has ridden their first horse off of the parcel.

Additional LI needed:
For each horse: 35-42 LI
For the hud: 16-18 LI
To be able to rez everything: 60 LI

===== TEXTURES: =====

The wooden sign, hitching post, and saddle stand can all be retextured from the single texture HUD included.
If you would like to make your own custom sign text, the photoshop file can be found at:

===== SETTINGS: =====

The rezzer includes an options menu, only accessible to the rezzer owner. Here is what the options mean:

- Motion Mode
Switches horses between rezzing in Physical or Phantom motion mode. Default is Phantom. We recommend Physical for competition zones that require physical interactions like race tracks (crossing a finish line) and jump courses (bumping into poles), and Phantom for all other rezzers, including Trail riding and Dressage. Phantom mode is better at climbing hills and walking through obstacles.

- Hovertext
Turns hovertext on the vehicles on or off

- Mouselook
Riders will have their camera switched to mouselook on sit. Default is off

- Choose horse
Switches between the rider choosing their horse through the menu, or the rezzer rezzing a random horse. Default is to select horse through menu

- Autosit (requires land setup; see below)
If on, the clicker will be immediately sat on the horse as soon as it rezzes, without needing to right-click, Sit. Default is off.

===== LAND SETUP: =====

The rezzer can optionally make use of some features of sl Experiences to make the rezzer slightly easier to use. If you enable Teegle experience on your land, the following happens:
- Huds will auto-attach with no permission poppup
- You can enable Autosit, which will automatically sit a rider on their horse

1. Go to About Land > Experiences > Add
2. Search for the experience called Teegle
3. Add that experience to the list of allowed experiences on your land

===== CUSTOMIZATION: =====

If you'd like to customize the horses used in your rezzer, you can add any copyable teeglepet to the rezzer. (All copyable teeglepets sold separately).

1. Customize your copyable teeglepet to your liking (skin, tack, accessories, animations, etc)
2. Give the horse a unique name, not shared by any other horse in the rezzer
3. Pick up the horse into your inventory
4. Edit the rezzer, and click over to the contents tab
5. Drag your horse from your inventory into the contents tab of the rezzer
6. Optional: if you wish to remove any horses out of your rez list, delete that horse object from the rezzer's inventory

That's it! That horse will now be added to your rezzer as an option for your guests to rez.

DO NOT place no copy horses inside the rezzer; they will turn temporary when rezzed, and then will be gone after deleting themselves.

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Just WOW!!!!!

Posted April 15, 2020 by UnHolyD3m0n 5 stars

I'm not one to leave reviews on things, but I am so impressed with this item, I just had to. It is amazing, so easy to use. The horses are beautiful. I noticed today if you walk into the water with the horse it takes you off and u swim next to the horse. I am so in love with this horse rezzer... 100000% recommend it to those who like to ride. Thank you so Much ♥

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