Tentaculus Magnificus - Tentacles with extensive HUD - Low Sim Lag - The most advanced in SL - Wings / Spike / Demon

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Magnificus tentacles can look like almost any of my other spine tents, including Parasitus, Exoticus, and Chains.

Extensive appearance HUD gives the most advanced tentacle appearance control, by far, of any tents in SL. See HUD pictures.

Reduced script overhead and low sim lag: Magnificus (when used with HUD) has ~75% fewer scripts than my original tents and about 90% less than the top "competitor". Actual script times are given later in this description so you can judge for yourself.

Magnificus grows to up to 10m length to "reach" for AVs who touch. Owner can touch for a menu listing nearby AVs (up to 12 AVs) to trigger reach. Reach duration is picked in the HUD.

Includes 6 versions: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, or 40 tentacles.

Partial list of features:

- Pick from over 150 textures or add your own (must be full perm, and you must rez HUD on the ground, go to its Contents in Edit/Build, and drop items in). The HUD provides presets for different scales and rotations, and optional per-tentacle texture offset randomization.
- Edit colors by touch in a HSV selector or touch a swatch. Optionally, select color cycling or randomized per-prim color. "Bright" switch turns SL's fullbright setting on/off for all tentacle prims.
- Sliders for Alpha, Glow, Shiny, Bump, and texture anim (scrolling) speed. Special fast texture setting from Exoticus.
- "Chainmode" helps with chain or barbed wire by modifying alpha value of some sides and automatically adjusting texture aspects (repeats) so textures will be properly proportioned regardless of tentacle length and width changes.
- Shape controls: Tentacles can have circular, square, or triangular cross section (cylinder, box, or prism). Aspect buttons optionally squash them flat. Sliders provide easy length, width and more. Examples: "tip" slider can be used to add glowing tips. "Base" can grow base prims that each tentacle rests on. "Multsize" varies tentacle sizes in preset patterns or random size per tent.
- Layout controls: Buttons switch main layout (e.g., single row, two rows, or circular) and 6 sliders adjust layout spacing and rotation values (e.g., spread them out further across the back or rotate them more outward).
- Motion controls: Buttons switch between wagging tentacles, standard flexis, or rigid spikes. Sliders control speed and horizontal/vertical wag strength, flexi parameters (soft, gravity, drag, tension), and a "pull" that adds forward or backward force on the tents.
- Presets: 11 stored presets help you get a good starting point. Includes presets based on Exoticus, Parasitus, Spine Chains, and more. Presets are stored in notecards inside the HUD, so you can Edit stored values if you want to change presets. A "chat dump" button makes tents chat their current settings to let you record them with cut-and-paste.
- Free automatic updates: Magnificus checks for an update on every rez..

Magnificus is optionally controlled using chat, so you can put commands in a gesture or in your own scripts.

There are some chat-only commands (not in HUD):
- Delete all child scripts using a command if you don't require scripted wag. Note this disables some features like layout changes and wag.
- Command to change channel for chat commands (chat only, NOT the HUD channel).
- Change a message that is chatted when another AV touches the tents, or set to blank to stop chat.


Background: A sim has 22ms frame time available before it lags. Usually, most is spent on scripts. Most AVs (as of 2011, and in Lost Angels, for example) use between 0.1 and 0.4 ms for attachment scripts, averaging around 0.2, although it varies a lot. 0.2 ms is 10 times more than a set of 40 Magnificus tentacles.

Script times reported by Server

Out-of-box: 16 tents at 0.0083 ms, 40 tents at 0.0198 ms.
Reduced "speed" setting: 16- 0.0073 ms, 40- 0.0164 ms.
In "Flexi" mode (wag off), 16 -0.0033 ms, 40- 0.0071 ms.
HUD: 0.0008 ms

Times reported by RC LeTigre

Out-of-box: 16- 0.0087 ms, 40- 0.0217 ms
Lower speed: 16- 0.0067 ms, 40- 0.0169 ms
Flexi mode: 16- 0.0022 ms, 40- 0.0047 ms
HUD 0.0005 ms

NOTE: Measures where taken 30 mins after rezzing. Times will increase during adjustments, when color cycling is on, and when tentacles reach for AVs (can be disabled). Texture animation does NOT increase time. Memory use is below 1 MB.

Concerning "rendering lag", everyone should pick reasonable SL graphics preferences. Note SL slows flexi physics as needed to minimize impact on other graphical rendering. Users who just don't want to see tentacles can de-render them :)

Perms: Copy-only tents with Copy+mod HUD (HUD prims are mod - scripts and tentacles are not.)

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  • Most extensive appearance control HUD of all SL tentacles
  • Can look like rigid Spikes, flexi Wings, or moving Tentacles
  • Lower script overhead compared to similar products available at release date
  • From XOPH, maker of original high-end tentacles for over 3 years.
  • Select from over 150 tentacle textures in HUD, or add your own.

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Absolutely the best

Posted February 08, 2018 by Wedjlok Obscure 5 stars

These tentacles are the best ones I have ever owned, and extremely customizable. You can have more or less tentacles and the HUD allows you to basically use these in any imaginable way possible with texturing, animations, effects, size, etc. The tentacles in this set basically embody all of the other tentacles combined in one package, with almost endless variations, and a wonderful set of presets. Awesome job!

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Best tentacles I have ever owned

Posted March 04, 2015 by Paradine Panacek 5 stars

This review comes, late I have had them for over a year plus and I must say they are as advertized the best hands down. The scripting work is wonderfully done and shows master quality work and understanding of scripts in second life.

From glowing and flowing textures to chains, people will look at them and then look at your avatar in wonderment and allure as they are truly a feast for the eyes. They are the final accent for an excotic form the icing on a cake, the omega for one alpha, you must get them and you won't be disappointed. I personally never take them off my Av and I feel naked with out them they are part of my persona now and i'd have it no other way.

The Pros:
Marvelous scripting
Attention to details
Full configuration as stated
Low lag

I could go on but I like to keep it sweet

The Cons:
There's only one "Learning curve" This system is complex and detailed you have to sit down and really get into it's configuration. It will cater to everything you need but only if sit down and learn the hud. It's functions were are straightforward enough, I found the textures easier to manage than the actual shape and style because it can get rather in depth when it comes to editing different aspects and parts, as well as how big they were and how much you want to show off with each part.

You want tentacles this is your final stop, you need not look anywhere else, sure I wish they did wrap around other Avs, but you can only ask for so much scripting really. I love them and I will love them forever I thank Xoph for their experience and their high quality work on this item.

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