Tentaculus Parasitus - (spine tentacles, spikes, wings)

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Also see "Tentaculus Magnificus" for my top tentacles.

NOTE: Copy+mod prims with no-mod script.

Xoph's Tentaculus items are SL's original high-end configurable tentacle series. Don't fall for replicas when you can get the original.

TENTACULUS PARASITUS was mainly designed as a spine attachment but I've also seen it used as a tail or as a decoration (like ground tentacles or wiggling strands hanging from the ceiling - although I have another item that is even better for that purpose).

Look through the pictures. This wide range of effects is possible due to an extensive menu for adjusting look and behavior. There are also features to help advanced users adjust tentacle configuration.

You get 5 different base configurations (one set of 4 tentacles arranged as 2 rows of 2, one set of 8 in 2 rows of 4, one set of 16 in 2 rows of 8, one set of 24 in 2 rows of 12, and one set of 48 being a doubled-up 24-set) with copy permission so you can attach them to various points or place as many as your sim can handle (the copy perms are also useful for making extra copies with your favorite settings or storing different looks with different AVs). You also get mod perms on the prims, even though they may say no-mod because the scripts inside are no-mod.

FEATURES (most are available in menus):
- Switch between rigid spikes, standard flexis, or writhing tentacles using menu.
- Select color, alpha, shine, and glow values from menu or precisely specify any valid values in chat. Cycling color is also available. There is also a button for switching SL's bumpiness setting for the tentacles.
- Select from over 30 textures and control client-side texture animation. You can also use any texture for which you know the UUID (with chat), or mod texture with edit.
- Instant resizing with separate length and width controls. Pick from menu or specify precisely chat. "Multisize" options quickly sets tentacles to mixed sizes in predefined patterns.
- 2 different wagging modes with control over speed and strength of tentacle "wagging" (FLAILING if you like!) and blend of horizontal vs. vertical motion.
- Quickly selectable softness, tension, drag, and gravity values (standard L*nden parameters) -- these can have a huge impact on behavior.
- Arrangement menu adjusts 6 spacing and rotation parameters that determine tentacle layout (applied to the group, not to individual tentacles, so you don't edit individual tentacles).
- The tentacles will tell you when someone touches them, and a "point" mode can be enabled to announce touches in chat and pull tentacles towards the AV that touched them (to be clear, tentacles on this item do NOT grow to reach AVs like on some of my others, they just aim towards the AV).
- Settings notecard lets you set the command channel and the message chatted when tentacles are touched.
- Tentacles listen to your objects, not just to you, meaning you can control them from other scripted objects such as configurable HUDs, your own scripted objects, or repeaters that could let others control them.
- Sequences of commands can be stored in notecards as short "programs" that can be run with a single command ("card" followed by notecard name).
- For advanced users only: By putting information into the tentacles' description fields, you can add scaling factors and offsets to individual tentacles. You can set the number of "slots" available for tentacles (slots will be arranged into two rows) and assign tentacles to any of these slots (empty slots are OK, and so are slots with multiple tentacles)
- Free automatic updates in case there are any future improvements.



  • The original high-end configurable tentacle series
  • Copy+mod prims with no-mod script
  • Extensive appearance and behavior (motion) menus
  • Call your doctor in case of erections lasting more than 4 hours
  • Y2K compliant

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Posted March 26, 2013 by Jaromir Mistwalker 5 stars

Works well for my slenderman avatar/costume

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Posted March 14, 2009 by Louisia Acropolis 5 stars

THIS is what SL tentacles should be all about.
Creepyness, control, beauty and just simply TENTACLES.

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  • 4.82 stars Reviews (44)

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