[Tethered] Legacy Edition - Valentine 2014 Gold - Collar & Leash Ring Version 2.0

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Legacy Collar - My Heart is Caged - "Valentine 2014 Gold"

Classic prim-constructed collar.
Sized for classic avatar.
See our store for mesh-avi compatible collar.
Copyable Collar by Tethered with OpenCollar
OpenCollar Remote HUD (Full Perm)
OpenCollar Sub AO (Full Perm)
Collar Quick Start Guide with link to full OpenCollar Guide
Posing Stand

A beautifully handcrafted collar featuring a symbolic gem etched heart inside a delicate dangling cage. This collar is carefully designed to be both elegant and tasteful. It makes extensive use of hand-placed primwork to achieve depth, character, and artistry, rather than simply using textures as a substitute for time-consuming hand-placement of prims.

The Gold version of the "2014 My Heart is Caged" collar features a gold base ring with etched detail and shaded accents, set off by symmetrical interlinked primwork rings, and a claret red crystal heart.


*About the Dom/Domme Ring*

The matching three ring/leash-holders are elegant jewelry pieces that allow a dominant partner to subtly show their bond and commitment with their partner while tastefully expressing their special role. The rings also serve as OpenCollar compatible leash holders to the collar (and work with all Tethered and OpenCollar compatible) collars. Three rings are included: one male, one female, and one suitable for either.



1. Copyable Valentine 2014 Gold Collar by Tethered with OpenCollar
2. Transferable Valentine 2014 Gold Collar by Tethered with OpenCollar
3. Set of 3 Copyable rings that function as a leash holder.
4. Set of 3 Transferable rings that function as a leash holder.
5. OpenCollar Remote HUD (Full Perm)
6. OpenCollar Sub AO (Full Perm)
7. Collar Quick Start Guide with link to full OpenCollar Guide
8. Posing Stand


*OpenCollar Features*

Note that some features require RLV to be enabled in the sub’s viewer.

- Assign an owner, owners, or group ownership
- Lock
- Leash
- Capture
- Bell (can be made visible or invisible / with or without jingle sound)
- Titler (place custom floating text above sub’s head)
- Sub Poses
- Couples Animations (hug, kiss, etc.)
- Sub AO (worn separately from collar)
- Show or Hide Collar
- RLV (RLVa must be enabled in viewer)
- # Folders
- Force Sit/Stand (on object or ground)
- Outfits
- Compatible with OpenCollar apps/add-ons available from other retailers


*Possible Restrictions*
☐/☑ Send IMs
☐/☑ Read IMs
☐/☑ Hear Nearby Chat
☐/☑ Talk in Nearby Chat.
☐/☑ Touch Objects
☐/☑ Stray (teleport)
☐/☑ Rummage (inventory access and building tools)
☐/☑ Dress
☐/☑ Dazzle (blurs sight as if snatching glasses away)
☐/☑ Daze (puts the wearer in a dazed state)



1. Use of RLV requires a supported viewer (Tethered products are tested in Firestorm).

2. This product includes the standard OpenCollar script installation. It may need updating after you purchase it (you will receive a notice if an update is needed). Free updates are available directly from OpenCollar and we periodically send them to our group (Tethered), which you should join!

3. All Tethered collars are fully modifiable, but, due to their complexity, we do not recommend modifying them. If you choose to modify your collar, please make a backup of it first.

4. The scripts in your collar were created and are licensed by OpenCollar. These scripts are freely distributed in Second Life under a Open Source License. The design of your collar was created and is licensed by Tethered (Torus Heliosense). A copy of the Tethered license is included with your collar.

5. OpenCollar updates might change your collar’s contents and/or functionalities. Generally, updates represent improvements and/or additional features. Please note, though, that updates are done by OpenCollar and Tethered has no control over any changes in functionality or performance caused by updates.

6. If your collar requires updating, you will receive a notice when the collar is first worn.


*About Tethered*

Since 2011, Tethered has featured artfully crafted products for extraordinary D/s relationships. Torus and Harley Heliosense design, craft, and sell artisan collars, furniture, and accessories. We take pride in crafting elegant products that will enhance your in-world experiences and relationships. Tethered is also home to the Bound line of Truthballs - featuring the edgier side of Truthball design.

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  • Premium Artisan Scripted Collar with Matching Ring/Leash Holders
  • Includes 2 Sets of Collar & 3 Rings (1 Copyable Set)
  • Rings function as leash holders
  • Includes three leash holder rings that are suitable for Men or Women
  • Includes three leash holder rings that are suitable for Men or Women

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