Textgasm HUD: Makes your text interesting with fonts and patterns! (Gesture HUD?!)

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█▓▒░ Infamous Industries - Textgasm HUD Readme ░▒▓█

● Features :
✿ 10 Different "Fonts" / Character Forms
✿ 15 Types of "Patterns"
✿ Pattern and Font Random Mode
✿ Set your friends **Titlers (on any channel)
✿ Add your custom emotes / multi-line notecards

● Introduction

Thanks for your interest in the Textgasm HUD :)

The Textgasm HUD is pretty useful to *emote* ANYTHING you want to say
rather than depend on those static gestures in your inventory!

For Club Staff, you can have your most used text placed into the HUD (notecards!!)
for easy greetings! (you can share your custom notecards around!)

● Related Products

Textgasm PRO Version - A Slightly more advanced version with more fonts and feature!

● Quick Instructions

1. Wear the HUD (It attaches to HUD-TOP by default.

2. In main chat, say something on channel 9090. Example :
/9090 Can it be party time nao?!

3. Watch in awe as Textgasm makes your chat cool!
Infamous Fallen: +*✰*+*'*•.¸(*•.¸₡λ₦ łŦ BE ҎλƦŦ¥ ŦłME ₦λØ?!¸.•*´)¸.•*'+*✰*+

● Buttons

The HUD has 4 main buttons.

1. Pattern - use this to choose one of 15 patterns around the text. Keep clicking to cycle.

2. Pattern Shuffle - use this to quickly access the RANDOM PATTERNS MODE which chooses
a random pattern each time you /9090 blah-blah.

3. Fonts - this will cycle through the 10 different font styles.

4. Fonts Shuffle - use this to quickly access the RANDOM FONTS MODE which chooses
a random font each time you /9090 blah-blah.

5. Volume Button - this lets you toggle your HUD between Chat range and Shout range.

Read the next sections only if you wanna.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

● Titlers & Other Channels

Textgasm works with most titlers (those which aint so *anal* LOL) so you can put
really nice looking texts on your friends (or enemies) titlers LOL - use with responsibility - NOT!

For example, usually in clubs you hear a titler saying something like this:
RandomTitler: Infamous Fallen needs a new title! To set it, anyone may say the text on /12

So if you want to set the titler "Infamous Rocks" on channel 12, just say this in main.
/9090 12 Infamous Rocks

**Note: SOME titlers are *anal* meaning they don't let tools change texts, only actual avatars,
for this reason, the Infamous Titler has also been released! (see below)

● Notecards

You can put some notecards into the HUD for quick Textgasms.

For example, if you always say "COME OVER HERE AND DANCE BISH!", just put that into
a notecard and name it "!bishhh" and put it into the HUD's Contents.

Then, to use it, just say "/9090 !bishhh" in main chat (without the quotes) for it to play that notecard.
(works with multi lines too!) WARNING - TRY NOT TO HAVE NOTECARDS OVER 20 LINES LOL

There's 3 notecards built in already for you: !dj, !manage, !tippag so you can just type
"/9090 !dj" or "/9090 !tippage" or "/9090 !manage" to try those out!

This also works with the titler function (above) so you can do something like /9090 12 !bish
to set the notecard contents on the titler - BUT NOTE THAT TITLERS HAVE LIMITED TEXT SPACE

Give those a go and if you want to share with me anything cool you make, send me a notecard!

● Conclusion

Thanks once again for your interest in the Textfgasm HUD!
That's all for the HUD. It should be pretty straight forward to use and has extremely low lag
and rendering costs. As with all cool stuff, please use responsibly; I cannot be held responsible for
any over-excitement, extreme tips or being banned for overly SPAMMING text o.O

But feel free to drop me a notecard if you have any queries or you want to share some cool emotes!
Kthnxbai! - Infamous Fallen

█▓▒░ This HUD is a product of Infamous Industries. Copyright Infamous Fallen. All rights reserved. ░▒▓█



  • 10 Different "Fonts"
  • 15 Types of "Patterns"
  • Pattern and Font Random Mode
  • Set your friends **Titlers (on any channel)
  • Add your custom emotes / multi-line notecards

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Faded colors

Posted July 09, 2019 by rapshire Vyper 3 stars

Why does the text color come out looking so faded?

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Posted March 23, 2017 by BlackAngel Firehawk 5 stars

This was what we need in sl, its funny :)

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