The Fascination Loft B6711 v2 *Fully Furnished* Urban Loft Skybox

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Updated March/2019 (Mesh)

Here is the classy Fascination Loft B6711, another extraordinary Skyloft Creation, finally available for everyone. Fully furnished on 2 stories + extra 3D Rooftop Area plus many many special extras to enjoy. A luxurious lifestyle is guaranteed, but please come over and see it yourself :)

(Teleport Link at the end of the description)

Size: 40 x 40 Meters
Prims: Only 74 Unfurnished – 249 Furnished
Permissions: COPY and MODIFY / No Transfer


► SIZE: 40x 40 Meters

The footprint is 40 x 40 meters. Please make sure (before you purchase), that your land is really at least 40 x 40 meters, because refunds are not possible due to the fact that the skybox is not transferable back to me.

► PRIMS: 74 Unfurnished – 249 Furnished

The building itself has exactly 54 Prims. Plus all the teleporters, sharks and doors you will need it will have 74 Prims.
249 Prims fully furnished.

► PERMISSIONS: Copy and Modify / No Transfer

Once the skybox is rezzed, every single Prim is copiable and modifiable. Only the scripts are not modifiable. But all prims are. So dont be fooled when you see your rezz-box in your inventory with the permissions (no modify) (no transfer). It shows 'No Modify' because the rezz-box script is NO MODIFY.

► PLEASE NOTE: This is a closed SKYBOX. That means the exterior is primarily PLAIN BLACK! You can get a FREE SKYBOX COVER in our In-World Store (If needed).

► Be aware, this Loft is NOT made for tiny avatars.


► 3D WINDOW VIEW (108Views: Cities, Landscapes ) *Upgradable for Group Members*

► 3D Rooftop (72 Views: Cities, Landscapes) + Weather Engine (Snow/Rain) + Season Switch (Summer/Winter)

► SHARK TANK on the CEILING with 3 SHARKS swimming

► MULTI-ANIMATED BED (Over 500! High Quality Animations!)



► MULTI-ANIMATED BATHROOM 'Holiday" (Bath tub single/couple use + animated toilet with 2 animations and sound + animated Sink (washing hands, brushing hair)

► NEW Youtube TV: Works ONLY with SL Viewer 2 (and higher), Firestorm 3 (and higher)

► QUALITY FURNITURE (Built-in poses – Multi User)

► WORKING CHIMNEY on/off switch

► SHADOW / LIGHTING EFFECTS (Not overstated, just realistic)

► DESIGNER FIREPLACE (On/Off with sound)

► MESH DECORATION STUFF (potted plants and more)

► CLEVER TELEPORT SYSTEM (To enter and leave the skybox)

► FAST REZZING SYSTEM For the easiest setup


► You have the option to rezz the skybox UNFURNISHED , PARTIALLY FURNISHED or FULLY FURNISHED. Just delete all objects in the rezz-box content which you dont want to rezz. (And dont worry, you have always a fresh copy of the original in your inventory).

Description how to do it is included!

Otherwise all Furniture and Stuff can be removed or modified easily after rezzing – They are not linked with the building.


“How-To” Notecards are included but please call me if there are any questions or problems. I love to help :) Or call my partner NadineB Bailey. Please send an Instant Message (IM). Our
Offline IMs go to our Email, they will NOT get capped! So we can react immediatelly, even if we are both offline. So please do NOT send notecards! Send an IM to get a faster response!
TY ♥

Please come over and see the NEW *Fascination Loft B6711 v2* Live in-world

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  • 3D Window Changer (Advanced A.T.-Screen 108 views ) + ROOFTOP (72 Views)
  • Working Chimney + Designer Fireplace
  • Fully Furnished, Multi-animated Furniture, Ultra realistic
  • Over 500 High Quality Animations
  • Animated Kitchen, cuddle couch, gallery home, Bathroom

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Wow, So do Love it!

Posted April 10, 2019 by Leah Marquis 5 stars

For the price and the great job, you can't for any better and you can't beat this price for what you get.

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Posted April 04, 2019 by JulySoReal323 4 stars

Love your work. :)

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Sold by: Adora Tyran
Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

  • 4.6 stars Reviews (5)

  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 249
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh