The script for shooting (throwing) objects

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This purchase makes it very easy to create real weapons that will damage standard health in Second Life. You just have to take care of the external attractiveness of your weapon and what your bullet will look like and what size it will be.

Needless shooting device looks primitive, this is done in order not to charge clients extra money. You should understand that the scripts, this is the product itself that you buy here. A facilities, this addition to the product.
Just put the script weapons in your model. Do not forget to add an object named "bullet" that will fire your weapon. You may have to adjust the script under the front side of your weapon. After that, your weapon will do the same.

In scripts, this product contains the functions that you can use separately:
1) Create a single object at the expense of another object, and full control of the direction of its flight. This means that the bullet flight direction is tied to the direction of the weapon. In what direction is directed weapon in the same direction will move the bullet. If the weapon is attached to the agent, the bullet will fly towards the direction of the agent. Weapons can use any kind of camera.
2) Connect all control buttons within the script, including the left mouse button. Of all the keys I use only the left mouse button in the first person. This means that during the use of weapons in the form of first-person mode will work activation with the left mouse button. In the same way you can use any of the control key, which are connected in this function.
3) Transfer of signal from one script to another via other chat channels, as well as his defense with the help of your name from the matching alien signals. If someone close to use the same signal on the same channel chat, your script will be ignored.
4) Protection of a script function of its activation unknown agent. The ability to place the agent's name on a special list within the script to give him the opportunity to use a protected function. In this case, on the function used - to touch the object.
5) Activation of the script when you touch the object.
6) Complete destruction of the object after time. Used in the script bullet.
7) Activation of the script after time. Used in the script bullet.
8) Attaching to the object visual text. Used in the script HUD.

My shooting device can attach to an avatar, or lay on the ground, it will work in both cases.
It is possible to activate the firing in four different ways:
1) Left mouse button in first person mode. In this part of the script, you can manually add all the keys, which allows control keys. Including the left mouse button to the form from a third party.
2) Gesture. This means you can use any keys that can activate the gesture. To gesture earned, you need to open it and enter your full name instead of the existing one. This protection from prying gesture that will give this same command.
3) Touching the device itself. Touching allowed only to you, and the agents that are listed. The list is in the upper part of the main script.
4) Use the HUD, which is present in the kit. This HUD you can alter and add buttons, if required.

Inside the main script, you can customize settings for your tasks. For example, you can change the speed of a bullet, or the coordinates of its appearance relative to the main device. And this is not the only thing that can be changed. All editable parameters are signed.
The bullet also has a script. Use the copy of the bullet that is included. To change the bullet script, you need to attach it as a HUD. If you put it on the ground, it will be removed in 5 seconds. The bullet can be placed outside, but only if there are no scripts on the ground. In the bullet script, you can adjust the time of its life, or disable the removal altogether by changing the numbers to (0.0) ;. There you have the opportunity to change the damage that the bullet deals. The default is 50% damage. After changing the bullet script, you need to replace the bullet in the weapon inventory. The physical properties of the bullet are configured in the parameters of the object itself. Instead of a bullet object, you can put your object. The main thing is that the name of the object matches the name recorded in the weapon's script.

Good luck, and enjoy your use.



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