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Titanium Hud is the most advanced combat hud of its class, and has been chosen by thousands of Second Life users for its high quality and reliability.

My goal is to code the lightest and fastest combat hud ever.
Its scripts slow down and go idle when you don't need them, to save resources, but when you need the highest responsiveness, they can make incredibly fast calculations working together.
This makes possible new kinds of operations, like its revolutionary Threats Detection algorithm, and the innovative ClickBlock™ and CamAway™ technologies, that protect you from passive attacks and graphical crashers, or the unique Voice Interface, that makes the hud talk to you with its own robotic voice.
Titanium Hud™ is by far the easiest-to-use combat & utility hud on the market, and the lightest one, ideal to keep on your screen all the time, whether to react quickly against griefers, or to play with your friends.


Titanium Hud attacks are designed to work in the entire region with no distance limitations. Every attack has an advanced tracking algorithm that not only allows you to attack very far targets, but also predicts the target movements so they cannot evade your attacks.

· Funny/annoying followers: They make fun of your opponent, producing loud sounds,
following him everywhere, teasing him etc.

· Permission stealers: They are transparent layers that cover the opponent's screen, so that you can get the permissions to control your friends' avatars as they click on their screens. You can also decide to keep this permission for later use.

· Even more evil stuff that slows down your opponents, orbits them in the sky, kills your friends instantly, deforms them, etc.

· Useful attacks: they allow you to get informations about your opponent or instantly teleport to him no matter where he hides.


· Avatar Inteceptor: Creates a small protected field around you so that nobody can break into and bump your avatar.

· Object Interceptor: similar to Avatar Interceptor, but optimized to block projectiles and other physical bullets directed to your avatar. This interceptor to spawns a protection ring even seconds before your opponent actually shoots. It also creates a force field that deflects bullets on the shooter.

· Inner Shield: it is a persistent shield that wraps your avatar and blocks everything comes close to your avatar.

· Neutralizer: a large force field around your avatar deflects physical objects, avatars and bullets without rezzing interceptors, creating a large personal space around you. The deflecting force is proportional to the approaching object/avatar kinetic energy, so that large and fast objects are stop more violently than small and slow ones.

· CamAway™: this innovative technology gives you the possibility to instantly move your camera away from the scene when a really heavy and laggy object is rezzed to crash you. Hiding your camera prevents you to crash and relog.

· Movelock: Locks your avatar to the ground, allowing your movements but blocking unwanted bumps, pushes and orbits.

· ClickBlock™: this unique technology is similar to a display firewall. It is transparent and it covers your screen when it detects there is a malicious object in the surrounding area that can deform your avatar or get your permissions if you click on it. ClickBlock™ selectively allows you to edit and inspect stuff, but it blocks clicks on dangerous objects.

· Threats Detection: As long as it is active, it analyzes nearby objects and avatars, giving you informations about bumps, pushes, dangerous objects, bullets, avatars aiming to you, etc... Titanium Hud Threats Detection technology is one of the most neat and easy to use, giving the essential informations when you need it, without spamming your local chat with unwanted details. It performs a real 3D environment analysis and allows the shields to rez just when they are needed, making Titanium hud interceptors ones of the most efficient in Second Life.

· NPV: On NPV you are invulnerable: nothing can push or kill you in any way, while you can still move freely walking or flying, passing through walls, object and avatars, or instantly move up to 4096 meters high, or follow another avatar.


Here are just some of them:

· Region Infos

· Lag Meter

· Fly Assistant

· Platform

· Scripting Table

· Pose Stand

· Undeformer

... and much more!


· Intelligent chat commands to operate without having to click buttons

· An amazing voice interface that speaks to you giving advices and informations

· Self-diagnosing and self-fixing scripts to always be fully operative

· A lot of colorful skins!


Expect constant and free updates with a lot of new features. Updates are delivered to you automatically when you wear the hud.



  • Efficient low-lag micro-optimized scripts
  • The lightest and fastest combat HUD in Second Life
  • Region-wide attacks and chat commands
  • Smart Threats Detection System algorithm
  • Revolutionary voice interface: it actually talks to you!

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Nice product...

Posted May 05, 2019 by Chopper Gausman 4 stars

I have bought this years ago and it works well. The only complaint I have is the fact that every time I teleport or wear it, it sends the message "Could not find script '!Shield_Agent'." even though the script is present. I have sent a message about this issue with no response, tried unpacking again and using that one from the original, and it still does it.

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doesnt work at all

Posted January 05, 2019 by xLucianx13 1 star

yeah... been trying to stop griefers. None of this shit protects/defends or does a fucking thing. Really fucking sad.

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