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This package contains some basic tools that are aimed at helping aspiring content creators and shop owners. Whether you're looking for an online indicator, a greeter, or just a basic display stage, this package will have something for you!

Tool Kit contains:

Colour Vector Finder:
The colour vector finder simplifies the need for figuring out colour vectors for scripting purposes. You simply set the object to the desired colour and touch it. It will then tell you the vector that represents the colours of its faces. You can also set all the faces of the prim to different colours to output a "blended" vector - kind of like mixing paint!

The greeter is a phantom prim that will greet avatars that pass through it. It can send them any number of instant messages defined via a notecard, and it can also give a range of inventory items at the same time. It remembers the last 100 avatars to pass through it so they don't get spammed and will output some basic statistics when touched by the object owner.

Online Indicator:
The online indicator will track either the object owner or any other avatar defined in the notecard via their avatar key, making it able to display staff online. It can be configured to allow avatars to click it to page the avatar being tracked - the tracked avatar (if online) will receive an instant message stating who paged them and an SLURL to their location. It can also be configured to display separate online and offline textures, toggle hovertext on and off, toggle paging on and off, and toggle whether or not the object colour changes depending on online status.

Landmark Giver:
The landmark giver is an object shaped like a push pin that will give one landmark contained inside of it to any avatar that touches it.

Key Finder:
The key finder will display a list of avatar keys to the object owner for up to 16 avatars standing within 20 meters of it.

World Axis Guide:
The world axis guide is a prim representation of the movement handles you see when you're editing an object. It will automatically rotate itself to align to the world axis when the owner touches it.

Display Stage:
The display stage is a basic full-bright rounded ... display stage! It's ideal for taking product pictures in as the full-bright background can easily be cut out of the image using offline image editing tools (as long as the product isn't white).

The Snoopy script lets you snoop around the inner workings of scripted objects that you own and have modify rights to. It simply chats all link messages it hears to the object owner and breaks down the parts of the link messages.

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  • Colour Vector Finder
  • Greeter
  • Online Indicator
  • Landmark Giver
  • Key Finder

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