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SECONDLIFE Fine-Art Photo-manipulation textured prim to be used as a WALL ART for your home, castle, club, or wherever within the SL Grid you wish to display / hang examples of beautiful works of art.


This 1 PRIM wall art has the front side textured with a high rez 1024x768 image of Toy’s fine-art photo-manipulation creation. The remaining sides are near-black blank textures.

With the MODIFY permission, you can change the shape or even the back textures/colors of the wall art prim.

This wall photo-art piece has been also been given TRANSFER permission to allow you to transfer or sell your single copy of this art to another SL account. Perfect to allow you to give this as a gift !

Conditional Use License has been included in this work of art. A copy of this license is available for you to view as a PDF provided to you at the bottom of this listing “download instructions”. Please take a moment to read this license.

This is one of several Fine Art photo-manipulation works that I have created for you to enjoy. Almost all of these works are based on SL photography I have taken at the many amazing publicly accessible and viewable sims within SecondLife.

These photo manipulations are a tribute to the amazing content creators, builder, and landscapers within SecondLife. Without their creative talents, photo art like this would not be possible. So thanks to all my fellow SL Content Creators!


A photo-manipulation expression that was inspired from another amazing artist build within the SL Sim of "~Empyreal Dream~ The Artbox Anthology" which was created from the SL builders group of Empyreal Tableau. If you are a SL Resident, you need to TP to this SURL and explore this small but amazing design and build.

When landing at this place in SL, you look around as are enveloped by a complete Black&White street scene from about the early 1900's. Its foggy and raining on you. Fake street citizens stand around. And then you see among some spirally phrases, a spiral ramp up into the sky.

If you follow this ramp, you walk into the most surreal animated celestial movements over this black&white city street. The contrasts of B&W to the most amazing movement of bright colors is like dipping your hand in a bowl of ice then to a bowl of boiling water.

Anyway... while standing there in amazement of the sun and stars, I had to do something with it. Wasnt sure what - as is normally the case - but I knew it was something. So I took a bunch of photos. I wanted the solar glare to surround my body.

Then as I was playing with it in PS, I got the idea of a theme. A MAGI. There are many definitions of a Magi, but an ancient definition that I used to inspire my work is:

MAGI: One with the ability to read the stars, and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold.

This peice is 9 layers of the 3 images take from the same position (as the stars and planets and flames moved). Then I overlaid an SL glowing sunset. Finally, to add to the Magi's theme, I clipped the ancient script from the Rosetta Stone (an museum photo of this famous peice) and embedded the script to make it look like the Magi is chanting spells upon the stars movements. The border is another ancient egyptian stone.

Credits go out to the builders of this amazing sim (as explained above) for their incredible building creativity. And thanks to the Egyptians for their ancient communications to us ;)

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  • 1 Prim Wall Art with Toys Photo Art texture on front side of painting prim
  • Photo Art Texture applied to the prim is 1024x768. High Rez @ any sized painting
  • MODIFY permissions allows wall art prim to be sized to best fit your wall
  • TRANSFER permission allows you to transfer/sell your copy to another SL Account
  • Can combine with a picture frame prim to accent the art!

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