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With this tool, you will get an overview of your current, hourly and daily visitors and averaged visitors. The averaged visitor numbers are converted to induced traffic. Currently the traffic is calculated so, that a visitor causes a traffic point per minute. If something new will known to me, the tool will be updated automatically.

You must be neither Sim or Parcel Owner, so the tool works.

There are different settings possible. The menu appears, if you touch the tracker. You can get a message every hour, every day, or not and you can sent your messages hourly or daily to an email address. Under "Help" you get this read me and under "Update" the calculation of the traffic will be updated, but this is usually done automatically.

The data should be explained on the example of an hourly email/IM: A typical HOURLY message might be:

[Date / Time]
Region name - Parcel name
Hour: Q 50.3, Min 44, Max 56, Lag 9, Traffic 70416
Day: Q 35.4, Min 20, Max 56, Lag 7, Traffic 49557

This means:

In the last hour 50.3 average visitors were on the parcel. There were at least 44 visitors present, and a maximum of 56. The lag in the last hour was at 9%. Lag is defined as FPS <35 and dilatation <0.8. These visitor numbers correspond to a traffic at this hour of 70416, based on the currently used calculation.

When the tool has been running since 0:00 SLT, the parcel has 35.4 averaged visitor since 0:00 SLT. A minimum of 20 visitors and maximum of 56 visitors. The average lag since 0:00 SLT until the message was 7%. This corresponds to a traffic of 49557.

The last line are the visitors in every minute. If the message was reported at 11 SLT, there were 50 visitors at 11:00 o'clock at the parcel, 52 visitors at 11:01 and 54 at 11:02, etc.

A typical daily IM could look like this:

[Date / Time]
Region name - Parcel name
Yesterday: Q 35.4, Min 21, Max 68, Lag 8, 49580 TRAFFIC

The values ​​correspond to the values ​​in the hourly report, but are for the day before. The traffic should approach those of the SL, but SL considered bots whose traffic is not counted, which are not detected using this tool. So the SL traffic should be somewhat lower than the values ​​indicated.

On the first line of the hover text the current number of visitors will still appear and in the last line you can see the date and time of last restart of the sim. Between these two lines up to 4 lines will appear, depending on how long the tool is running. The daily traffic levels makes only after a run-time of 2 days sense. The 4 lines are: "Yesterday", "Day", "Last hour" und "Hour".

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  • Overview of averaged visitors
  • Visitor numbers are converted to induced traffic
  • Calculation will be updated automatically
  • Email
  • Instant Message

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