UNSC M7S Sub-Machine Gun with Laser Sight

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● The M7S Sub-Machine Gun is a personal defense weapon issued to the UNSC Armed Forces. The M7S is fitted with a smart-linked scope to assist target acquisition; the barrel is integrated with a muzzle flash suppressor and sound suppressor which makes it suitable for stealth operations. It fires a 5x23mm M443 Caseless Full Metal Jacket from a 48-round magazine.
● Compatible with the Really Needy HUD with INJURIES Add-On (v1.6 and up), to cause Health damage
⠀ - Primary damage* from the gunshot wound
⠀ - Secondary damage* from the bleeding if the wound is not treated
● The Gun is fitted with the Scarlet Trace™ laser sight technology
⠀ - Laser will activate when you are in Mouselook
⠀ - Option for laser beam on / off
⠀ - Option for laser dot on / off
● Really Useful Gun Sight (HUD) for extra realism
⠀ - Computer aided targeting or Manual targeting
● Support for LLCS (Linden Lab Combat System)
● Extras included
⠀ - Blood mist effects. Attach to your Chest for blood mist effect when you are shot by the Gun
⠀ - Two brick walls as props in your shooting scene. Bullet holes will appear if shot by the Gun
⠀ - Gestures for "drawing" and "holstering" the weapon (just press F4 and F5)

* NOTE: For details on damage and gun specifications, refer to https://grace7ling.wixsite.com/needy/injuries

<<Special Information>>
This product is made to supplement roleplay (eg. science fiction) and is not made for combat.
It cannot dump 30 rounds in 1 second etc.

☑ Muzzle flash
☑ Muzzle smoke
☑ Gunshot sound
☑ Bullet dust
☑ Cartridge eject
☑ Reload

⚠ CAUTION: As it is impossible to accurately fix the position of the gun when your avatar is holding it, and no animation can work for avatars equally as avatars come in different sizes, the gun will not be aiming exactly where you are aiming in Mouselook. Additionally, rotating your camera in Mouselook does not rotate your avatar in the same precision in your viewer. This is a SL constraint that creators have no control over.

To access the menu, double-click the gun

⯈ [LLCS] can be turned on if you are playing in a LLCS-enabled parcel, and you don't own a Really Needy HUD.
If you are using Really Needy HUD, this can be turned off, as LLCS damage will be automatically inflicted by your Really Needy HUD when you are on LLCS-enabled land.
Note: For LLCS damage to work, you need to have rez rights on the land.

⯈ [BulletMode] will toggle between 3 settings:
⠀ - Blanks: Fire blanks.
⠀ - Raycast without bullet: There will be Health damage for Really Needy HUD. No physical bullet is rezzed.
⠀ - Raycast with bullet/LLCS: In addition to Health damage for Really Needy HUD, physical bullet is rezzed.

⯈ [FireMode] will toggle between 3 options:
⠀ i) Fire on Trigger touch
⠀ ii) Fire on Gun touch or in Mouselook
⠀ iii) Fire in Mouselook only

⯈ [Targeting] will toggle between Computer-Aided, and Manual.
⠀ - Computer-Aided: Gun Sight will identify object in the cross-hairs and display the distance

⯈ [LaserBeam] will toggle if the laser beam is visible or invisible.

⯈ [LaserPoint] will toggle if the end of the laser beam will generate a particle effect to simulate a laser dot.

⯈ [Sound suppression] will reduce the sound of the gunshot by more than 80% when enabled.

⯈ [Resize] will bring up the resize menu.

⯈ [AdjPos] is for remembering the adjusted default position / rotation of the gun in your hand.
- Gun: Yes modify*, no copy, yes transfer
- Gun sight: No modify, no copy, yes transfer
- Damageable walls: No modify, no copy, yes transfer
- Blood mist: Yes modify, no copy, yes transfer
- Gestures: Yes modify, no copy, yes transfer
* The butt of the gun is a separate prim that can be slightly adjusted forward or back to fit better with the shoulder when in aiming posture.

- Gun: 4 LI, but none when worn
- Walls: 1 LI each

Drop a notecard to Grace7 Ling. Thank you.

3d model by McCarthy3D, under the CC Attribution license, uploaded by 6b61.

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  • Scarlet Trace laser sight
  • Gun sight HUD
  • Gestures for draw, holster and reload
  • Compatible with Really Needy HUD Injuries add-on
  • Menu driven options including resizer

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Nice new spin on guns

Posted May 13, 2021 by ElectricalFrost 5 stars

Nice look, pretty interesting features, and has features new to me in the gunplay realm.
You can paint the town red literally with this piece.

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