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Make avatar 2.0 Great again!
This is the long overdue fitted mesh update as well as bento face and hand rigging. You can now adjust the shape of your legs, belly and butt to make your shape more juicy. You can also adjust some of the face sliders but not all of them work. Due to the changes to the shape of the head, both old and new avatar 2.0 users that use custom shapes, will need to readjust the size, spacing and depth of your eyes for compatibility.

- About the project -

The project began with a vision of, or more like, a necessity for a better second life avatar model, one that LL failed to provide us with, or even fix any of the major flaws of the current model for years. Now that mesh is a thing on SL, we finally have the power to make that vision a reality. The main purpose of the Avatar 2.0 project was to research and develop the best possible ways to model and rig the the second life avatar, as well as how to make it a true, functional, viable alternative to the painfully outdated system avatar. So that i could apply the things i learned to my future mesh avatars. Over the time lots of new features got added and problems fixed and we are now at version 1.14

- Whats New in 1.14 -

Huge update, avatar 2.0 now partially supports fitted mesh (the whole lower body bellow the waist) as well as bento rigging for the face (not all bento features are supported due to the way the game treats custom joint positions)
Huge improvements to render weight from 32K to just 4.8K (the render weight randomly fluctuates between higher and lower numbers because the whole render weight system is garbage) as well as script optimizations.
There are now 2 versions of the body, A and B. Version A is the normal version witch is 4.8k render weight, and the experimental version B with 2k render weight witch will not work for people running the game on ghetto graphics settings.
A bunch of new features implemented such as normal/specular map support, head customization options and other neat things.
All the existing clothing have been updated to work with this new version, rez your update cards.

- About the HUDs -

The Body HUD lets you easily show and hide different body parts for use with different mesh clothing, as well as easily customize your avatar.
- Press the "Advanced" button under the figure in the main part of the HUD to switch it to Advanced mode, from here you can select what you want to hide in more detail.
- Press the gear icon button to go to the options menu to customize your avatar.
- To load a custom texture onto the body, go to the options menu of the HUD, click ADD and enter the UUID of your texture based on the given example, submit it than click load under the texture preview window.

The Head HUD lets you change your face expressions, customize the head and eyes. It also has a few extra skin customization options that the body HUD doesnt have, such as setting specular maps.
- The L and R buttons on the main part of the HUD and in the options let you select with eye you control/customize.
- Press the gear icon button to go to the options menu to customize your head and avatar.
- The options menu lets you choose different eyebrow, eyelash, skin, lip textures or load custom textures on each of the head components as well as select or load your own specular maps onto the whole avatar.
- To load a custom texture onto the head or body, go to the options menu of the HUD, click ADD and enter the UUID of your texture based on the given example, submit it and it will load automatically.

- Bonus items -

The bonus item box will now contain the older versions of the avatar as well as the UV maps and skin textures for people interested in modding the avatar.
The script commands for hiding body parts and controlling the face expressions are included as well.

For content creators that would like to create clothing for Avatar 2.0, visit this link to get the dummy mesh. https://utilizator404.wordpress.com/downloads/

Always make backups before editing, if you forgot to make a copy and screwed up, use the update card to get a new copy.

- Known bugs -

Invisible LL avatar eyelashes will sometimes show up, messing with your eyes, wear a different alpha if that happens.

If you are having any other problems, please check with the included trouble shooter notecard before contacting me or my associates.

btw the hair in the image is called Robyn and its from a store called "truth"



  • costomizable mesh body
  • HUD
  • mesh clothes
  • 4 breast sizes and 12 skin tones
  • hair not included

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One of the better bodies that is still modify.

Posted April 02, 2021 by Shadoskill Heckroth 5 stars

Small quirks here and there as a content creator, but the body shape is more slim the most other bodies, and its modify unlike 90% of other bodies, and to boot don't need to sign your soul to get a developer kit! <3
Have bought this body at least 10 times, and recommended it to literally everyone.

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Exactly what I was looking for!!

Posted February 22, 2021 by Siobhan Aura 5 stars

So I got the M4 Venus head. Then I went looking for a body that would go with it. I had the maitreya, but seeing as the rp I was going into is an anime style, I wanted a body that went with the head better than the matireya. And this is awesome!!! The price is great, and the body options in the hud makes it even better. I didn't have to buy extra parts to make it how I wanted. It was all there. And the fact that it is bento, it works with my existing AO. I love this body and the M4 Venus head!!!

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  • 4.48 stars Reviews (249)

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