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The long awaited M3 Venus Anime Head is here!

Up until the first M3 prototype head for Rikugou, all anime heads on sl where just sculpted prim blobs with faces drawn on them, they didn't have eyes or mouths and most of the older ones used to be no mod, making them impossible to customize and match your avatar.

The M3 prototype was the first SL anime head ever to have real eyes that can look around and a mouth that can open. Even tho it was just a small preview of the possibilities of mesh heads and whats coming, it jump started an new age of SL anime avatars. Mesh gave us the power to do things that where simply not possible before.

This head is the direct successor to the M3 prototype, it features all the customization and expression options that you would come to expect from the M series heads, and greatly expands on them, also bringing plenty of new features to the table, giving you unlimited possibilities of what you can do with it. Features such as ability to create, save and load your own presets, setting your own eye color, the improved expression mixer from M2 giving you over 9000 possible expression combinations(im not shitting you, i did some math on the calculator multiplying the mouth expressions by the eyebrow and blush and tears and additional eye size and roll options in the settings HUD and stuff)the original M2 head only had like 64.

Scroll down for a full feature list.

- whats included in this package -

This Manual
Style card
M3 Head
M3 Presets HUD
Head alpha mask
Full body alpha(No LL eyes for Avatar 2.0)
Emote pack
Bonus items
Update card
Landmark to the store

Bonus items:

UV maps
Script command documentation.
Retro loader for old M3 appliers.
A neck for Rikugou avatars
Away sign

- Full list of features -

Full mod - scale it, link stuff to it, rip or replace its textures, go crazy with it but make backups before you do!
Expression mixer - create your own expressions.
Segmentation - the face is split up into individual elements that can be controlled separately, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, effects such as blush and tears.
Advanced options menu - this is where you customize your head, choose its eye styles, colors, skin color, ear types, add custom textures, misc options.
Heterochromia - set a different color to each eye.
Presets HUD - create, save and load your own presets for face expressions.
Animations - eyes blink, look around, the mouth moves when you type or talk on voice chat,
Emotes - the head can display a face expression based on what smiley face you typed in local chat, like :3 and :D and :O and so on.
Effects - 3 different blush and 2 tears effects.
Facelight - built in face light (disabled by default)
2 types of ears + ability to hide them.
Rikugou compatibility mode - skin tones for Rikugou A and B avatars + can use Rikugou's eyes.

- Bonus items and customization -

The bonus items box contain textures, uv maps and templates for those of you who want to take your customizations one step further or make mods. There is also a neck for the rikugou avatar in case you wanna use this head with it.
Not everything can be changed through the HUD but some stuff you can change through edit mode, like for example the color of eyebrows and eyelashes. BTW Rikugou's eye textures work with this head too.

- known bugs -

A tiny problem with alphas, sometimes the base layer of the eye will not load fast enough and will be rendered on top of the texture layer, its annoying but theres a few easy fixes, one of them is just zooming in and right clicking the head and it fixes it. The HUD has the same problem, if you detach it while the options or presets menu windows are open and attach it again, the eye textures will be bugged, to fix it, hide and show the options and presets menus or right click the HUD.

Well that's that, have fun :3



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Love it, and i'm not a weeb!

Posted May 01, 2020 by SmallQtie 5 stars

May be weird to ask, but is there any option to stop blinking with the eyes open? Like freezing eyes pose or something :D

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Posted June 30, 2019 by Frickin Aie 5 stars

I LOVE this head! The delicate features + Anime look, it's perfect for what I was looking for. Utilizator is good about updates too and more and more skin creators make skins for it (thankfully).

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