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v2 updated with flight option using MENU+bachata dances gift

Welcome to walker&couples HUD! - Introduction Video:

For the first time our couples HUD include a walker and bento animations.

The walker option need to rezz balls. Other couple anims could be played without*.

You can use your HUD using the rezz button from your HUD at your land.

BUT we have also created a balls giver that land owners can rezz at their lands to allow you to use Couples&walker users without giving rezz rights.

This ball giver IS be free! So if you wanna use your HUD at your favorite place, tell them to take the rezzer or send it to them for free!

Our idea is distribute this ball rezzers everywhere, allowing for first time use the walker at all SL.

We have create a list of destinations that has the balls giver available.
Check them out rate them and share your pictures!

This HUd is compatible with all previous Vista Couple anims!

*****HOW TO USE:*********************************

Use REZZ button to rezz balls (if you want to use walker option) or if you are a club with no rezz rights use the Ballls giver if available
The person who sit first at the balls and is wearing the HUD will be the one that will control the hud.
The other person must accept the animation perms dial box.
Use the arrows to select animation you want to play and use SYNC to start..or select via folder button and select animation to play.

*****MAIN FEATURES:******************************

Mocap bento animations
Stable walker with great animations like shoulders, Piggy back, rollers or jogging.
Camera controls
Positioning and save positioning
Drag and play system to add more Vista Couple anims
3 walk speeds
BallsGivers free for land owners that will allow you to use your hud at lands with no rezz rights*
Destination guide for lands with ballsGivers to use your HUD.

*They will need to rezz this BallsGiver

*****ANIMATIONS INCLUDED V1:*****************

Walk ALone 1 + idle +turns
Walk Alone 2 +idle+turns
Walk Alone male male +idle+turns
Walk Shoulder female female + idle+turns
Walk SHoulder 1 +idle+turns
Walk shoulder lower +idle+turns
Walk Piggy back +idle+turns
Walk Rollers +idle+turns
Walk Jogging + idle+turns
Dances Slow: 4
Dance Funny
Dance Male male
Dance Fem fem
Dance Rollers
Photosession couples: 2
Hugs couples: 4
Kiss couples: 3
Various couples: 6
Lays couples: 2

Extra 5 Bachata dances

*This HUD will be compatible with all existing vista Couple animations.
You can move your other Vista Couples HUD anims to this one just drag them in.
Vista couple section lm:

*****FUTURE IMPROVEMENTS***************
Allow flight
Syncronize animations with Vista Facial bento hud.

More suggestions? Issues?
Join our betatester group_ 044e6d33-869d-8075-3277-697d1ce9bc5a

*****VERSION HISTORY:*******************
Added new animations.
Improved syncro
Improved HUD memory

All future updates will be included in your beta purchase!
Increased memory

Extended memory for dances.
Solved issue on save position slots
Camera selection
Save positions working
Solved issues with the Piggywalk

-Added speed selection (via MENU)
-Added Lay menu and Lay anim
-Added 1 extra alone walk
-Added back button on dances menu
-Added Destination button to open destination web page.
WEB destination guide update. Now you can rate your favorite places and more filters added.

BALL rezzer UPDATE 3.1 (land owners)
-Bigger distance from the balls giver allowed to rezz balls.
-Can modify the listings touching the balls giver.
-Option to Add pictures
-Balls updated (needed for new features of the HUD)

BETA2 update: (24 APR 2020) (Use redelivery terminal for updates)

Added take control: If both persons own the hud they can change the person controlling the animations
Improved selection animation. Now it show dances per categories for easy selection over large amounts of anims.
Cycling option (only for dances). Set to 60 seconds. We wil add more options in the future.
Added a second shoulders walk with arms lower position.
Solved issue over mesh floor.

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