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AN OUTSTANDING SL PET — Develops an individual personality and learns from experience, praise, or training that you provide!

RESPONDS TO COMMANDS IN CHAT — Reacts like a real life pet but more obediently! No HUD needed.

FRIENDLY — Will greet visitors and friends when you are away. VKC Dogs recognize you and familiar people. Right Click the VKC Dog to pet, hug, or caress him.

PETTABLE AND CARESSIBLE — Reach out and touch (right click) the VKC Dog to pet him.

NATURAL — shifts position subtly while standing, sitting, lying down, etc. (owner-controllable setting off or on)

ADVANCED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) SCRIPTING — Interacts with avatars, toys, accessories, and other objects with or without user interaction.

INTELLIGENT NAVIGATION — The pet can navigate intelligently around his environment, avoiding obstacles and going through doorways. Using simple tools built into the viewer, you can mark areas of your home as "walkable" and obstacles to achieve navigation that no other SL pet can accomplish.

EATS, DRINKS FOR FUN — Optional food and drinking bowls are available from VKC Approved Vendors. Food or drink is never required, not to keep your VKC Dog alive nor to enable him to learn new tricks.

OBEYS PHYSICS — For added naturalness. Built-in sensors and expert scripting keep collisions to a minimum.

EXCLUSIVE PETTING ANIMATION — The dog has a petting animation unique to this VKC Breed. Right click on the dog and choose "Pet Me"

CUSTOMIZABLE COLLAR — The dog's collar contains a range of different textures. It can also be colored/tinted to or it can be hidden completely.

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Customer Service
LOST AND FOUND SERVICE included — You can always claim your VKC Dog at a VKC Dog Clinic. The dog you receive from the clinic will be your dog with all the same personality, tricks, and memories as before.

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT included — A team of VKC Proven Trainers from around the globe is available to support you and your VKC Dogs. Questions answered, problems solved, tips and suggestions given freely, dog training classes offered. There is never any additional charge for these services nor are donations expected.

UP-TO-DATE USER MANUAL included — With a VKC Dog there’s never any question about whether you are consulting the current manual. An extensive manual, available in multiple languages, along with VKC events, news, history, and related information, is maintained on the VIrtual Kennel Club website [http://www.virtualkennelclub.com].

LIFETIME UPDATES included — We are always working on ways to improve the VKC Dogs and the experience of living with a VKC Dog or Pet. It is easy to update your Pet at VKC Clinics conveniently located around SL.

Additional Features
LOW-LAG — Expert scripting and design mean that VKC Dogs place light demands on the server.

NAMES —You can choose a name for your VKC Dog and he will display it proudly over his head. Change your mind? It is super-easy to change the dog’s name.

SMART DOGS — VKC Dogs are born knowing everything they need to know to be an excellent pet. They can sit, lie down, walk, swim in SL water, fetch, heel, bark, wag their tails, and much, much more. Plus, you can teach them new skills, routines, and tricks.

VKC COMMUNITY — There is a vibrant community of those interested in VKC Dogs, made up of owners and non-owners. Join the Virtual Kennel Club in world to chat with fellow enthusiasts, participate in hunts and contests to win prizes, join VKC events, participate in dog training classes, hang out together and swap stories, and get word of updates and new releases.

ACCESSORIES — There is a fine range of quality, optional items available to enhance the realism of adopting a VKC Dog. Accessories like toys, beds, food and water bowls, dog houses, and games are offered for sale by VKC Registered Accessory Creators. These items, created by individuals who care deeply for VKC Dogs, are designed specifically to work well with VKC Dogs.

The dog’s permissions are no copy, no modify, and no transfer. But as we said earlier, if you lose him you can always reclaim him at one of our clinics.

If you wish to purchase one of our dogs as a gift for someone else, please use the “Add to Cart as a Gift” Option here at market place, or come to one of our Dog Parks in world, where we have gift vendors.

End User License Agreement
Please be sure to read the EULA before adopting a VKC Dog.

Come and See Us in Second Life!
Visit a VKC Dog Park to meet and play with the VKC Dogs. The SLURLs to the VKC Dog Parks are at http://www.virtualkennelclub.com/vkc-dog-parks

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  • Easy for beginners; engages experienced VKC patrons
  • obeys commands in chat. Pathfinding Enabled for Intelligent Navigation
  • Natural behavior — Independent and obedient actions
  • Smart — Learns from experience, praise, and training
  • Complete customer support. Lost and Found. Cannot be lost.

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Posted July 27, 2020 by Stormy Devanter 5 stars

Best service for pets! Will soon be taking classes. Thank you for helping me with my dogs. They are so patient. ..Awww....Xoxoxo

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Best in SL

Posted May 23, 2012 by Shineh 5 stars

Wow these dogs are by far the most realistic dogs in Second life I have paid for 2 now. I enjoy training them and playing such fun.

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