V&L 7 Player Antique Blackjack Version 1.01

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V&L 7 PLAYER ANTIQUE BLACKJACK(v1.01 20th January 2020)

Here is our 7 player Blackjack mesh table in the 1800s style by Lady Gigi.

** This is currently the only 7 player blackjack game in Second Life **.

Do you have a casino, club or just like blackjack?
Here is a great blackjack for you with lots of features and fun.
You can play it by yourself, with friends or bots.

There are help notecards available via its Help Menu option.

Try it out for yourself at our Icewater Games shop - see the SLURL below this advert.

All our game tables follow the Linden TOS on gambling:
- they do not give or accept L$.
- they cannot give out chips or other gifts.
- L$ are only shown to aid immersion fun.

* up to 7 players.
* accurate blackjack rules(no split yet).
* hard 17 and soft 17 rules.
* blackjack payout options: 2:1, 3;2, 6:5.
* starting chips: from L$25 to L$5000.
* bet size: L$10 to L$200.
* bots ON or OFF.

* up to 7 players.
* can play with people, bots, or both.
* players use a HUD to interact with table.
* stylish antique mesh design by Lady Gigi.
* has barstools and Lady Gigi antique rezzable chairs.
* barstools have animations and color change.
* help via the menu for notecards.
* access lists allows designated staff to control table.
* group access allows group members to control table.
* protect option to allow/prevent public from using table.
* player time-out settings: 10 seconds to 90 seconds.
* bot players can be ON or OFF.
- ON - both bots and players against the dealer.
- OFF - just players against the dealer.
- each bot is named.
* when a player gets blackjack the winning sound plays.
* can enable/disable card and winning sounds.
* permissions are COPY, NO MODIFY, NO TRANSFER.
* blackjack table has 60 prims.
* low lag, has a rezzable modifiable advert to hold high resolution card textures.
** NOTE, the table cloth color can be changed
- use the menu on the yellow pack of cards!

* complete control over all functions.
* protect ON or OFF:
- ON: limits who can start games etc- Owner and Staff.
- OFF: players can start a contest etc.
* select staff using Access list.
* set House rules - Hard/Soft, Payouts, Starting and Betting amounts.
* enable/disable card and winning sounds.

Dealer controls game(can also be a player with permissions).
* set bots to ON or OFF.
* set Hard or Soft game, Betting and Payout odds.
* give HUDs.
* start contest and register players.
* start new game.
* kick players.

* join game.
* play via a HUD with high resolution cards.
* see both yours and the dealer's cards.
* use HUD to Hit or Stand.
* use your HUD to politely leave table.


- Changing starting chips now works correctly.

- Single player bust bug fixed.
If a single player was playing with Bots OFF and bust then
the game gave confusing messages.

To see our full product range make sure your adult maturity level is enabled.

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  • Multi-player with up to 7 players or bots.
  • Fully accurate blackjack rules(except no split).
  • Stylish Lady Gigi 1800s antique mesh
  • Includes optional rezzable chairs.
  • Only 60 prims.

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