Vehicle Move System V7.1 *0.170ms* low lag smooth non-physics sell your own rides parades Version v7.1.041521-1902

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The movement of prims within a virtual world is appropriate in many situations such as for show (i.e. parades) or as a form of transportation (i.e. trains) as well as entertaining avatars (i.e. amusement rides).

Vehicle-Move System from Kerhop's Innovations allows you to specify a starting location, smooth travel along a path, and the ending location of a prim with minimal editing of a notecard all without causing sim lag due to physics.

Working examples of a parade, train, bucket, and more are all included for your review in preparation for your own creations. All scripts are no-modify, but they are yes-copy/yes-trans (with restrictions).

What's New in Version 7.1
Added a new enginemindistance(#.##) command
Optimized vehicle following for horse/buggy and train/car
Improved lag-detection code for use in busy sims.
Faster reprogramming of already moving vehicles
Fixed various bugs and misc. other minor issues

A Note About "ms": One of the many factors that contributes towards lag in Second Life is how many milliseconds of time is used by a script on a regular basis. With all other things being equal (i.e. memory usage) a collection of high-resource scripts will eventually slow a server/sim down.

A script that uses additional resources temporarily while switching modes or processing data is less of a concern than those constantly using a lot of resources. Sim owners have a tool known as "Top Scripts" to determine which scripts utilize the most.

With this information they may choose to restrict the use of or eliminate those scripts that have a tendancy of using lots of resources. For more information:

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  • Smooth low lag non-physics movement
  • Uses relative positioning instead of absolute
  • Includes multiple HUD's, several examples, and more
  • Create and Sell your own rides or parades
  • Limited support for off-sim vehicles

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