Versatile Support Truck For Bicycle Racers ! Version 4.2

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I have been making a wide variety of SL bicycles for a number of years now. So, I thought why not make a bicycle race support vehicle! These are the small zippy vehicles that follow bicycle race peletons with extra wheels, tires, repair parts, water bottles, lunches, and first aid supplies.

I designed this super cute little truck to travel easily on SL mainland roads.

Of course the truck needs to carry cool and appropriate cargo. In back you will find wheel and tire, a complete bicycle and a hefty tool box.

And of course you can carry another passenger to ride in the cab in the seat alongside the driver. Both the driver and passenger seats are nicely animated.

The over the road speed is controlled by an eight speed transmission (8 forward gears or speeds and one speed in reverse) so you can choose to travel at a reasonable speed without going so quickly that you go off the road easily or begin flying as you go over hills or rough terrain.

Use the on-screen jump up and crouch down arrows on your viewer or the page up and down keys on your keyboard to change the gear speeds. You will see a chat message telling you the gear numbers as you change them.

The steering has been adjusted so as to avoid quirky over sensitivity. This allows for a more normal highway driving feel, yet the turning radius is sharp so you can get out of small spaces more easily.

Your view is about 9 meters behind the truck as you drive down the road giving you just the right sense of both the road ahead for highway travel and close in moving in warehouse parking lots and urban areas (see photo).

You will hear the engine start and then go into idle whenever you sit to drive. The engine sounds stop when you stand. Exhaust will also appear from the exhaust pipe whenever the engine is running.

Doors open and close on touch (these are "suicide doors" hinged toward the back). Also in the cab is the dashboard touch control button for the spotlight headlights. Be sure you have activated the SL Advanced LIghting System in your viewer graphic preferences to use this feature. You will hear an electronic confirmation sound when you touch the light control button.

Touch the logo design on the rear cargo gate for a "beep beep" horn sound.

Touch the top edge of the rear cargo door to open or close it.

Exhaust smoke comes from the exhaust pipe when the driver sits and you hear the start up engine sound and then the engine idle sound. Authentic engine sounds as you move in forward or reverse.

This this is a carefully designed and constructed vehicle and is sold as copy only. You cannot add your own objects or scripts to this vehicle. If needed you can easily adjust the size of the vehicle to your liking. Open the driver door and touch the steering wheel and the resize menu will appear on your viewer screen.

Enjoy this little race support truck and discover all the richness and creativity of the SL mainland!

Thanks, see you at the races and stay safe,




  • Super cute design for race support truck
  • Original scripts and animations specific for this vehicle
  • Touch control doors, lights, horn, and rear tailgate door
  • Touch to resize script to match up with your avatar
  • Fully tested for fun on mainland roads

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