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⤷ Good day! ⤶

Currently supported minimal Corrade version: 10.2.7106.26205

This template is an IRC-inspired Eggdrop-like group manager using Corrade that listens for commands in group chat and carries out actions. Just like the eggdrop bot, the template is designed to be easily extensible where each script is a module. Messages are passed via the standard primitive link queue.

The template must be configured by editing the "configuration" notecard inside the primitive and then restarting all the scripts.

The template requires the following permissions:
* group
* talk
* database
* directory
* notifications
* inventory
* system
* bridge

and the following notifications:
* login
* group
* membership

Optionally, Corrade AI must be installed to allow conversing with the bot.

The template includes so far:
* talking to the bot via its nickname (requires the Corrade AI module to be enabled),
* displaying the current Corrade version,
* the ability to roll dice in a configured interval,
* a spanker,
* displaying random fortune cookies from a notecard (similar to Unix fortune command),
* displaying a random joke from a set of notecards in the same primitive (over 60k jokes from public dataset) - the module supports searching jokes for terms, adding jokes and removing jokes,
* the ability to evaluate a mathematical expression,
* the ability to invite, ban and unban group members,
* the ability to use the Corrade "softban" / "softunban" feature that keeps the group ban list clean (and extends beyond the 500 entry limit),
* a fully featured group wiki with namespace / path support that allows you to persistently store and recall group notes - the wiki module is also available as a self-standing template @ https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WaS-Corrade-Wiki/12121649,
* detecting new members and displaying a greeting in group chat when a member joins the group (MOTD) - also paying back any membership fee (avoid fresh spam avatars),
* sending group notices from group chat with notice attachments,
* triggering eggdrop commands from Discord via the Corrade Discord bridge,
* querying wikipedia for terms.
* querying urbandictionary.com for terms.
* send & recall Corrade from group chat to survey some simulator (retrieves the simulator statistics).\
* show the current CPU, memory usage and uptime in group chat,
* a dice roll with selectable limits (n-sided dice),
* storing a reminder for an avatar that will be mentioned in group chat by Corrade once the avatar says something in local chat.

To get the jokes working, you will need to follow the instructions on the development site: http://grimore.org/secondlife/scripted_agents/corrade/projects/in_world/eggdrop/joke/database since the module requires the jokes database to be imported into the Corrade group database.

You can find the Discord bridge for Corrade at the following URL: http://grimore.org/secondlife/scripted_agents/corrade/projects/external_services/synchronize_group_chat_and_discord

The scripts are created by Wizardry and Steamworks as a demonstration of an Eggdrop-like group bot for IRC but implemented in SecondLife using LSL and Corrade. You are free to use this script with Corrade on any grid provided you abide by the GNU/GPLv3 license (https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html).

For more information on the Corrade bot and how to get your bot runing, please see the documentation at:


which also includes Corrade's API.

For further help feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/k9kyDsa



  • Group managing commands such as banning or inviting members.
  • Entertainment items such as jokes, fortunes or rolling dies.
  • Built-in wiki!
  • Ability to detect and greet new group members joining the group.
  • Send notices from group chat.

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[Wizardry and Steamworks]:Corrade
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