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This is a wearable buggy; it goes anywhere you go and it does not support passengers.

As you know, we make alot of buggies. We've recently streamlined our production of buggies and are replacing some of our older ones with our new V2 models, with a cleaner design and scripting and more features.

You get TWO high quality Wingsong Buggies - 2 Wheels in this package: with and without a horse. We do this because your buggy sans horse fits with most of the brand name horses on the grid with little or no minor modifying, and because some folks don't have a horse.


1 - Touch the license plate on the back to bring up a menu of license plates; You can also add your own textures by dragging them into the license plate prim (holds a total of 22 textures). We've preinstalled 10 to prime the well - some are just general good fun, a few are shameless Wingsong self promotion.

2 - Your buggy is embedded with a full featured AO system hosting original Wingsong animations that provide a very realistic ride. You don't glide, rock, or float - you bounce as you move and you don't when you are still.

3 - Your Wingsong Horse in the linked edition of the buggy is a bareback version of our V3 without the riding AO (we had to remove the horse's AO in order for it work properly with your buggy AO). The horse is loaded with features: The eyes blink/wink. Your Wingsong Horse's fleximane, flexitail, and flexilegs animate depending on your motion. This flexiness adds a bit of animation to your ride. No - the legs do not move like most horses. When walking you will hear a gentle rhythm of hooves; break into a gallop and the sound of hooves is louder and more dramatic. You leave a realistic trail of dust when you walk and run. Touch either of its ears and it neighs. It makes a variety of sounds intermittently as well, but not so much as to drown out conversations – just enough to remind you it’s there! These random horse sounds can be toggled on or off by touching the right rump. You also have a menu of several onboard horse sounds which you can access by touching the left rump. NOTE: The Wingsong Horse V3 is more whimsical than realistic.

4 - The detail work is stunning and fine tuned for realism. Your wheels move when you walk or run.


Turn off other Animation Overrides. ADD whichever buggy you want. Move using your normal arrow/PG UP/PG DOWN keys.

Everything here is COPY/MOD, so make all the copies you want and recolor, redecorate, resize, retexture, reDO to make it fit YOUR specs!

NOTE - You can access this information sheet from within your buggy's Content Tab.

For questions or a live demonstration of this or any of our fine/fun Wingsong products, IM Kit Ciaco!

We offer loads of horse related items on our Marketplace store: keyword: horse.

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