Wingsong Horseless Carriage RIDE V3 Box

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This is a RIDE/REZ car; it requires land and it supports a passenger.

This car is specifically designed for high manageability. It is a touring vehicle, NOT a racing car (although it does have a turbo mode). It was designed from the ground up as a high performance, easy to handle car.

NOTE: A great many inworld vehicles are revved up so high by default as to make them difficult if not impossible to drive. This annoys me to no end. Our vehicles are generally set with 6 gears at very manageable speeds. Just like in real life, speed is related to manageability. Too much speed will increase your chances to get whipped by lag and to run into buildings or off high cliffs.

Although this car is COPY/MOD, for your convenience we've presized TWO of them for you: Tall and Medium.

Using high end proprietary ACS scripts, you get a number of extraordinary options in this vehicle.


1 - REZ your car to the ground in an area where you have land permissions.

2 - This car is VERY easy to operate: After rezzing the vehicle, RIGHT CLICK on the tires and select RIDE (You can right click other areas but the rear tire is the easiest). Move using arrow keys for forward and turns. Shift up for greater speeds by clicking SHIFT key + right arrow key; shift down by clicking SHIFT + left arrow key. Reverse by pressing the Down Arrow.

Passengers RIGHT CLICK the passenger seat and select RIDE. This will also give them their own menu system.

3 - Touch the tires for an onboard menu of functions. Most of these are self explanatory. Some of the features are:
- headlights
- transmission (manual or automatic)
- custom controls for setting your vehicle to your own preferences for driving style (steering, gears and throttle speed, banking, camera view, etc)
- onboard avatar adjustment (for driver as well as passenger)
- locking and unlocking to allow others to drive your bike
- resizer
- horn (both on the menu as well as by clicking each of the rear fenders)
- flight mode
- exhaust (can be toggled on and off)
-turbo mode (This car is preset with relatively low speeds but with a click of a button you are automatically in RACING mode.)
- HUD distributed through menu (includes many items from the menu as well as a speedometer; VERY easy to use)
- Driver's Manual HELP distributed through menu
- alarm system (sounds when anyone else attempts to ride locked bike; the alarm can be manually turned off by owner and it will turn off automatically after about 30 seconds)
- Both doors, trunk, front hood, and head lights open with a click.
- on board graphics - In the Graphics menu select Color for over 60 onboard colors for your frame. Select Color 2 to change the colors of your fenders. Select Shine to control level of shine on all metal parts. Click on the Paint button to change your textures for your seats and floor.

4 - The car is embedded with high quality original Wingsong animations.

5 - Your car is COPY/MOD, so make all the copies you want and recolor, redecorate, resize, retexture, reDO to make it fit YOUR specs! Note that in your inventory it will appear to be NO MODIFY because of the proprietary scripts but when you REZ it out you'll see that you CAN modify it.

For questions or a live demonstration of this or any of our fine/fun Wingsong products, IM Kit Ciaco!

Don't be misled by the low cost of our items - we make great products and sell for low prices to make our doodads available to people on all budgets. We can afford to do this because we create excellent items, provide excellent customer service and support, and we sell ALOT of doodads.

See our line of vehicles at our Marketplace store: keyword: vehicle.

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Love it!

Posted March 29, 2015 by ChristinaVM 5 stars

It's very cute, and does everything the maker says it can. I re-textured the smaller version in softer blues, with a flocked velvet seat. The fenders don't re-texture but the car does, watch the back window though or you'll lose it! I love how it doesn't go so fast, as fast vehicles always seem to fail at region crossings. Make sure you click on the wheel to drive, not sit first then try to drive, like I did, which doesn't work. lol Sitting on the seat is only for passengers. If you click the wheel and then 'ride' it will seat the driver. Lots of fun for only 25 lindens!

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