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NOTE: This is a RIDE vehicle; it allows you to carry other avatars as passengers.

Many REZ vehicles, even those with gears, are souped up to almost unmanageable speeds. We at the Wingsong Dojo prefer to be able to drive our cars on the road without have to constantly fight speed issues. Our cars have been noted by several driving enthusiasts as being among of the easiest vehicles to drive.

This cart is part of our Wingsong RIDE LITE series. These vehicles are distinguished from our ACS/KCP based vehicles (which are identified as a RIDE with a version number at the end - example: RIDE V3). The RIDE LITE system has fewer bells and whistles but tends to handle lag more efficiently in some vehicles because it's streamlined.

In this package you get TWO rickshaws. Although they are COPY/MOD, for your convenience we're presized a medium and tall version.

We make loads of practical and stylish vehicles at the Wingsong Dojo, both wearables that go anywhere you go as well as ride vehicles that allow passengers. One of our most popular lines has been our buggies. We were recently asked to make an avatar drawn two wheel buggy that would allow the avatar to pull one or two other avatars.

Naturally, we complied. That's how we roll!


1 - As the owner of the cart you are the only one who gets to drive. To start your cart RIGHT CLICK on the car and select Drive. Your passengers may right click on the seat and select Drive after you are in the car and they will sit where they point their mouse.

2 - Embedded with two original Wingsong animation for the "driver" - one is standing still, and the other is walking when you move.

3 - Disable your animation override.

4 - REZ your vehicle at a REZ zone or other land that you have REZ perms.

5 - Move using your arrow keys. To stop lift your fingers from all keys.

6 - Note - This is one of the few REZ/RIDE based vehicles we make that does not have gears. You will move at a fairly slow rate. And why not? You're pulling a RICKSHAW, for Pete's sake! Hey - virtual world or not - that's got to get HEAVY!

7 - Your wheels turn as you move. They do not move while you are standing still.

8 - Click on the license plate for a menu of some fun license plates/bumper stickers.You can easily add your own texture files by dragging them from your inventory to the license plate's content tab in the EDIT MENU.

9 - Although your rickshaw is COPY/MOD, we've installed a convenient onboard colorizer. To change the color of your cart's fenders type "/159 color" in local chat, without the quotes and where "color" is, you know, the actual COLOR you want.

You can select from the following 25 colors:

black, white, grey, light grey, dark red, red, light yellow, yellow, dark yellow, light green, green, dark green, cyan, turquoise, teal, light blue, blue, dark blue, light purple, purple, dark purple, orange, brown, pink, dark pink

SO - if you want to change your fenders' color to black type "/159 black" without the quotation marks. Like this:

/159 black

And - DONE! You have black fenders!

Questions, comments, or a live demonstration of any of our fine/fun Wingsong products, IM Kit Ciaco!

Don't be misled by the low cost of our items. We can afford to do this because we create excellent items and provide excellent customer service and support, and sell ALOT of doodads.

To see our line of RIDE LITE vehicles at our Marketplace store, keyword: ride lite.

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so cute, clever build and great price !!

Posted October 15, 2014 by souzzie 5 stars

so cute, clever build and great price !!

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