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This is a RIDEABLE REZ vehicle; you must REZ it out in a REZ zone or land for which you have perms and it supports a passenger.

I tell you in all honesty - I was never one of those children who got to ride in the shopping cart when my folks went shopping. I tell you in all honesty - I am DAMAGED because I was deprived this rite of passage, this societal norm, this privilege afforded to ALL people under the age of four.

As an adult, I tried to ride the back part of some shopping carts - you know how folks grab the handle and step up on the little rim and use the cart as a sort of personal transport? Yeah. Most of my friends can do this with no problem. Me, I usually do an unintended wheelie and flip the cart over my head.

So, with some measure of frustration from my real life deficiencies, I made a few versions of shopping carts.

This shopping cart is part of our Wingsong RIDE LITE DB series. Our RIDE LITE vehicles are distinguished from our ACS/KCP based vehicles (which are identified as a RIDE with a version number at the end - example: RIDE V3). The RIDE LITE system has a few less bells and whistles but tend to handle lag more efficiently because they are streamlined. THE DB system (for Dune Buggy) allows certain cars to drive more like a dune buggy than a car (they pop wheelies, they bank, and their front wheels don't pivot).

Do NOT misunderstand - just because these vehicles are streamlined doesn't mean they don't have loads of features! We've simply integrated only the features that we consider essential to an enjoyable experience without including options that most people don't even use.

We also make a wearable ADD version of this cart that travels anywhere you do and does not support passengers, sold separately at our Marketplace store.


1 - As the owner of the cart you are the only one who gets to drive. Turn off other Animation Overrides. REZ your vehicle at a REZ zone or other land that you have REZ perms. RIGHT CLICK on the cart and select Sit Here. (Note: If you want this in an unlocked version let me know; I'll send one over FREE at no additional charge to anyone who purchases the locked version.)

After the driver is on, the passenger can click on the cart and select Sit Here.

2 - Move using your arrow keys. To stop take your fingers off the keys. To pop a wheelie press the PAGE UP key.

3 - To shift gears up (go faster) press your SHIFT and RIGHT ARROW keys at the same time. To shift back down press your SHIFT and LEFT ARROW keys at the same time.

4 - The driver and passenger can adjust their sitting positions by clicking on the cart for the adjustment menu.

5 - Your cart is embedded with original Wingsong animations.

6 - Click the top rim/frame of your cart for a fun horn (Roadrunner's "beep-beep!").

7 - Although your shopping cart is COPY/MOD, we've installed a convenient color changer so that you can easily change the color of your shopping cart's frame.

There are 25 colors loaded: black, white, grey, light grey, dark red, red, light yellow, yellow, dark yellow, light green, green, dark green, cyan, turquoise, teal, light blue, blue, dark blue, light purple, purple, dark purple, orange, brown, pink, and dark pink.

To change your color type "/264 color" in the local chat window, without quotes and where "color" is the color of your choice.

8 - Click the handle on your shopping cart to toggle your lights on and off.

9 - Unlike most of our vehicles, this one is VERY quiet - I've specifically installed a silencing system in it. Why? Because the sound of squeaky shopping carts is to my ears like claws against a chalk board.

Made you shudder, didn't I!?!

For questions or a live demonstration of this or any of our fine/fun Wingsong products, IM Kit Ciaco!

Please Note: Don't be misled by the low cost of our items. We can afford to do this because we create excellent items, sell LOTS of doodads, and provide excellent customer service and support.

To see our line of RIDE LITE vehicles available at the Marketplace store, keyword: ride lite.

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Haha, funny

Posted June 18, 2015 by MeooowKitty 5 stars

I love it!!!!!!

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Love it!

Posted June 01, 2015 by Kyra Jurado 5 stars

It's so much fun to use. Great price too.

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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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