Wingsong Tiny Fizzle Fazzle Dragon Box

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The Wingsong Tiny Fizzle Fazzle is another full featured, low lag, high quality, inexpensive way for your tiny avi to get around the world!

This little dragon is designed especially for the tinies of the world – folks without elbows and knees. It builds on a long Wingsong tradition of the faithful, whimsical critters (horses and donkeys, fish and snails, pigs and bosks, mutts and dragons and more).

Your tiny avi sits comfortably on the back of this gorgeous fizzle fazzle dragon and will enjoy hours of fun as you tour the grid.

Sorry, no passengers.

Perhaps their finest quality is the stardust they sprinkle wherever they go. Stardust is the gist of compassion without which the world would fail. It can only be generated by a pure heart, and the fizzle fazzle is one of the purest hearts in the world.

The Wingsong Fizzle Fazzle Dragon Stallion has fully developed horns and very long fangs. He breathes what appears to be a dull yellowish sulfur mist; do not be fooled – he is breathing stardust.

As you probably know, all fizzle fazzles are born hermaphrodites and as they mature they usually become either mares or stallions.

The Wingsong Fizzle Fazzle Dragon Mare’s horns are so rounded and short you can barely see them. Her fangs are quite small and not visible unless she opens her mouth. She emits a circle of rose colored orbs, also stardust, from a nearly transparent bump called a jancet near the base of her tail. I’ll tell you, though, it’s not easy grabbing a dragon’s jancet, and there are those who embark on the noble quest of touching the dragon mare’s jancet and come home empty-handed.

For reasons no one knows, the mare will quit sprinkling her stardust if her jancet is touched. Stardust will flow again when her jancet is touched again.

The hermaphrodite, which your Wingsong Tiny Fizzle Fazzle Dragon is, has features of both the stallion as well as the mare: long horns and fangs, sulfur looking stardust as well as a jancet that produces stardust when touched. Unlike the mare, the hermaphrodite dragon emits sea green stardust.

Fizzle fazzles generally enjoy human companionship and are easily adapted for riding. Their scales are much more comfortable and soft than they look, and their gaits are gentle with a very smooth, wave-like bounce.

To ride, turn off your current animation override and WEAR your Wingsong Tiny Wingsong Fizzle Fazzle Dragon from your inventory. It attaches by default to your pelvis. If you have another item attached to your pelvis, then select ADD instead of WEAR.

Please note: Because of the intricate scripting required for making tinies, some tinies will not want to revert back to their original selves when detached very readily. I recommend you make an outfit with your tiny avatar and your Wingsong Tiny Fizzle Fazzle Dragon - it's alot simpler!

To travel about use your regular arrow keys. When you walk, run, and fly you will hear a very faint wind; fizzle fazzles are by nature very quiet. If you pet or pull your dragon’s tail it will roar; I’ve never been able to tell if it is a roar of aggravation or enjoyment. It will also occasionally roar just for fun.

Your tiny avi will enjoy four natural, high quality, original Wingsong animations. Trust me – your tiny feet may never touch the ground again!

Because of the diverse nature of how tinies and their clothing are designed, your sleeves might not keep up with your animation. Some do, some don’t. This is a design element of tinies. Make adjustments as needed.

Your Wingsong Tiny Fizzle Fazzle Dragon is COPY/MOD, so you can retexture, color, copy, and remodel all you want. We’re including our popular Wingsong Modify Box, an easy to use tutorial for copying and modifying anything in your inventory that you have copy/mod permissions for.

Questions, comments, or a live demonstration of any of our fun/fine Wingsong products, IM Kit Ciaco!

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