Wingsong Tiny Roadster Box

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The Wingsong Tiny Roadster is yet one more full featured, low lag, high quality, inexpensive way for your tiny avi to get around the world!

This little car is designed especially for the tinies of the world – folks without elbows and knees. It builds on a long Wingsong tradition of wearable vehicles and hovermobiles. It even has that new car smell!

Just kidding!!!!

Your tiny avi sits comfortably on the plush crushed velvet of this classy touring car and will enjoy hours of fun as you tour the grid.

Sorry, no passengers.

To ride, turn off your current animation override and WEAR your Wingsong Tiny Roadster from your inventory. It is attached by default to your stomach. If you have another item attached to your stomach, then select ADD instead of WEAR.

Please note: Because of the intricate scripting required for making tinies, some tinies will not want to revert back to their original selves when detached very readily. I recommend you make an outfit with your tiny avatar and your Wingsong Tiny Fizzle Fazzle Dragon - it's alot simpler!

To travel about use your regular arrow keys. When you walk, run, and fly you will hear a very faint engine sound; the Wingsong Roadster series of fine autos have high quality mufflers installed to keep noise pollution to a very minimum. It does backfire occasionally, but this is not a mechanical default. Every once in a while a vintage car horn will sound. You can also make the car backfire manually by touching the exhaust pipe (careful – it’s HOT!) Touch the spare tire and the horn mounted on the right fender to sound two separate vintage car horns.

The headlights toggle illuminating light on and off when you touch them.

Your tiny avi will enjoy five natural, high quality, original Wingsong animations. Trust me – your tiny feet may never touch the ground again!

Because of the diverse nature of how tinies and their clothing are designed, your sleeves might not keep up with your animation. Some do, some don’t. This is a design element of tinies. Make adjustments as needed.

Your Wingsong Tiny Roadster is COPY/MOD, so you can retexture, color, copy, and remodel all you want and have an entire fleet of Wingsong Tiny Roadsters! We’re including our popular Wingsong Modify Box, an easy to use tutorial for copying and modifying anything in your inventory that you have copy/mod permissions for.

Please note - this little car doesn't go any faster than your regular "run" - however, if you buy this car send me an IM and I'll send you a FREE Wingsong Cruise Control Demo (fully functional cruise control and speed control HUD - you'll be amazed!).
Questions, comments, or a live demonstration of any of our fun/fine Wingsong products, IM Kit Ciaco!

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