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WomBaby! Interactive Belly Twins 2.0

This has been the best method to simulate a virtual pregnancy in Second Life!
With WomBaby! Interactive Belly Twins , you will have the feeling of actually being pregnant with twins, and hopefully you have much fun!

# You will have to take care of your health as a real pregnant would do to feed and rest, to maintain good health levels during your pregnancy and ensure that the baby will be healthy!

# You can also view the fetuses moving inside your belly, and follow their evolution during the 9 months of pregnancy. For each month of pregnancy passing you will notice that the fetuses evolve and develop!

# You will be able to interact with people around you with predefined sentences of chat and avatar animations. The fetuses will also interact with you and you will interact with the as too!

# Choose between 1 and 9 weeks for the duration of pregnancy (this time is expressed in real weeks).

# Select your partner. His name will appear in chat and he will get a privileged access to interactions.

# You can choose whether the fetuses will be:
- 2 males: both babies will be boys,
- 2 females: both babies will be girls,
- Male & Female: a baby will be a boy and the other will be a girl,
- Random : this feature means that the system decides for you the babies' genders,
- Secret!: this feature will keep babies' gender secret until the 6th month of pregnancy; only from the 7th month will it be possible to visually identify.

# At any time you can set the name of the babies.

# You will have 3 options for the fetus skin tone: Clear, Tan or Dark.

# By using the menu, you can show (in a "bubble") or hide your fetuses in your belly.

# Regularly, in a defined time interval, you will receive a request for feed or rest. You will have a number of options to choose from Food, Drinks, Desserts and Rest Actions.
Lack of compliance with these orders will have a negative effect on the the babies' health status. You can observe and track the status thanks to the Mother HUD.
If the level of hunger, thirst or tiredness reaches the limit of 100%, then the loss of the babies occurs, and you will no longer be pregnant.
While health levels are up to 99 %, you can fix this with the use of vitamin or medicine supplements, available in our store.

# For each trimester of the pregnancy, a different set of animations and sentences for Chat and Interaction will be available.

# A Partner HUD is included, to be distributed to friends and family. This HUD gives an easy access to interactions with the belly.

# From the 7th month of pregnancy, you will start having contractions.
During the last 2 hours before birth, you will enter into labour, have strong contractions every 20 minutes, and during the last 30 minutes the contractions happen every 5 minutes.
During the last 30 minutes, the water bag will break, and you will notice the water falling between your legs.

# At the end of the pregnancy, the babies will be born and will tell about their birth, their name, father's name, their weight and size.

# When the baby is born, your belly will be "inert", meaning you will no longer be pregnant.
To be able to conceive again using the same Interactive Belly Twins, you should use a supplement called "WomBaby! Fertile Uterus Twins", available for sale in our store.

IMPORTANT: When the babies are born, you will not receive babies from the Interactive Belly Twins ; you must use your own prim or mesh babies for delivery, then use your own interactive babies if desired.

NOTE: It is important to know that each supplement comes in two versions (single baby and twins). Make sure you use the correct supplement for your Interactive Belly Twins.

Among other available resources...

Product properties:
WomBaby! Interactive Belly Twins (not modifiable, not copyable, not transferable)
WomBaby! Mother HUD (copyable only)
WomBaby! Partner HUD (copyable and transferable)
WomBaby! Nutritional Guide HUD (copyable only)

Notable changes since version 1 (a detailed changelog is included):
- proofread chat messages now take into account the babies' gender to adapt their grammar
- timezone: indicate if you want the birth time to be expressed in SL-time or in another configurable timezone
- parter selection now done through a menu and no longer by typing his name
- all generated chat (except birth-related messages) can now be public or owner-only
- sound and extra buttons in the mother HUD
- numerous bug fixes

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  • 1- WomBaby! Interactive Belly Twins
  • 1- Mother HUD
  • 1- Partner HUD
  • 1- Nutritional Guide HUD

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Posted January 13, 2020 by Tay Morane 2 stars

This is the second time I have used this product. 2017/2018 I used the single baby hud and it was a lot of fun. The baby grew, the hud allowed the mom to eat/drink/rest when she wanted, it added a lot of joy and realism to my SL pregnancy. However, this go around I am not pleased. They updated the hud, which doesn't allow you to eat/drink/rest except for the 5 min time it gives you, and if you happen to miss your window, you then risk having your levels go higher and no way to change that, except spend MORE linden buying vitamins...….im on month 2 and I have NO fetuses. Two sperm swimming around an egg....Old hud allowed you to align your due date closely with Mama Allpa timing, no such luck with the new hud….overall I don't know that I would recommend product. With real pregnancy, one has the ability to eat/drink/rest when they need to, not be restricted to a 5 min window when the scripting allows.

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Posted December 18, 2018 by Diva Frentis 1 star

the worst experience using this product ..they need to refund horrible lost take this off the market and when looking for twins this product seems to be the only listed over and over

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